8 Best Aquarium Suction Cup Alternatives

Aquarium suction cups are a great addition to any aquascape. But when you realize that aquarium suction cups can loose its stickyness or break, you might need an alternative. Fortunately, there are many alternatives for aquarium suction cups on the market today. In this article, we’ll look at a few of the best alternatives for aquarium suction cups!

What are Suction Cups?

Aquarium suction cups are the fishing industry’s favorite fish bag attachment. They operate by using a ring or belt that is attached to the outside of your aquarium and at the same time, has an internal flared mouth. Inside you can attach to your plastic balls via snaps usually two pronged in shape which grip tightly onto anything from negative relief cut plastics, thin plastic lids, tiles or pretty much any plastic related product. The weight of water pressure then has the suction cups actually being sucked into your aquarium’s plastic lid, creating a tight seal between the suction cup and whatever you are attaching to it.

Suction Cup Alternatives

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Aquarium Magnets

Aquarium magnets are an excellent aquarium suction cup alternative. The most popular size is to make the perfect face out of these in a lovely decorative circle around your tank, but you can also attach several together for more grip force on heavier items.

It’s one of the most preferred tools inside and outside freshwater tanks! You’re never at risk of loosing them when they get lost or falling off like with suction cups as well because this particular tool can easily be removed from your aquarium if you feel it’s no longer adhering to the surface. In addition, they are completely reusable, unlike suction cups.

Magnet Aquarium Suction Cups

Magnet aquarium suction cups are a great way to hold onto heavy equipment such as air compressors and other tools that don’t exhibit the surface tension needed for these type of attachments. They will actually stick on quite well when you should get more force behind all your efforts, benefiting from this unique design that has exceptional holding power with uncommon strength! This brand comes in a variety of different strengths so you can adjust according to need.

Bended Plastic Pieces

You can also try to bend some plastic pieces by heating it up to make a hanger that slips over the side of the tank. These alternative will work with standard plastic lids and most negative relief cut plastics but some of it depends on how specific your aquarium tanks lid is for instance, high profile designs may prove more difficult to get a tight seal.

Roller Ball Cups

Roller ball suction cups are one of the most versatile options. There are a variety sizes for all tanks and other things you will find by rolling them around your tank or with your hands, dipping it in water to create a better grip which is enhanced when soaked wet too! All in all, these have made quite an impact on suction cups thanks to its accuracy and range at power levels. With that said though, some brands might not last long, unless they were well crafted.

Rubber Plates

Rubber plate suction cups are also another kind of suction cups but with better durability when it comes to holding heavier objects. These come backed by an adhesive strip so it can still withstand larger objects without loosing that perfect tight seal you need at all times. Rubber plates offers more options in its designs and are extremely strong. These can be found in different shapes, sizes and metals which give them a classy look for an affordable price.

In addition, the flexible material that they are made of also makes them more versatile. You can bend them in different ways to create a better seal, the choice is all yours!

It should be noted that most suction cups require a clear tank lid or something similar to attach on top of it. These will help you get the perfect grip on your tank and prevent your pets from escaping. Some brands offer alternative attachments for suction cups such as hooks, safety clamps or hooks and clips to get around these issues.

Clear Acrylic Wreath Holder

Clear Acrylic Holder has a higher quality look than plastic when it comes to suction cups. These are easy to find and work well at holding larger objects but what will make this tool truly stand out of its peers is the price point you get which makes these highly affordable! In addition, it is very easy to use and even easier to clean.

The design is perfect for all kinds of tanks including the more specific ones like fish tanks, plant pots, vases and other such containers that need a secure hold. Clear acrylic holders can be used with almost any type of tank, but they are not recommended for glass aquariums because it will damage the clear layer on top of the glass itself.

Safety Clamps

Clamps are a very effective tool to help you in holding objects securely. Clamp is specially designed for securing anything, even watches and phones! Unlike suctions cups, they can be adjusted to many different sizes so that it doesn’t fall off with time which allows these clamps much bigger grip areas on the surface. Just make sure never use permanent glue when using these clamps because if the item gets wet such as underwater, the glue will ruin it.

Hooks and Clips

The most common and well-known clip tools are just hooks that can be used to pick up things from anywhere on your tank. These work as a great substitute if you do not have any suction cups, but aren’t exactly designed for securing items onto the surface of the glass aquariums (even though it is technically possible).