Betta Aquarium Ideas: Choosing the Best Betta Fish Aquarium

Betta fish tanks come in many shapes and sizes, so everyone has an option. Add some live plants and rocks to create a natural look and feel for your betta aquarium. Choose the correct type of water for your betta fish tank – distilled or tap water works best! And last but not least, make sure to keep your betta fish in captivity – they’re not suitable for homes with large animals or small children.

Betta Fish Tanks Ideas

BiOrb Flow Aquarium

If you’re looking for a fun and informative aquarium, the biOrb flow tank would be a perfect choice. It has various accessories that make your fish environment more exciting and comfortable. Additionally, it has an adjustable water level, ensuring your betta fish always have enough to eat and drink. Plus, you can use it in either fresh or saltwater tanks!

BiOrb 16 Gallon Mega Aquarium Kit

If you’re in the market for an aquarium, you’ll want to consider the biOrb 16 Gallon Mega Aquarium Kit. This well-made and classy tank is perfect for fresh and saltwater fish. It’s large enough to house a single betta fish but can be easily upgraded if needed – great news for pet owners who are always on the go! 

BiOrb CUBE MCR Aquarium

The biOrb Cube MCR Aquarium is an excellent betta fish tank for beginner or intermediate fish keepers. It has an LED light that allows you to see your betta at night, as well as a water change indicator and built-in filter to help keep your aquarium clean and healthy! This tank comes with an easy-to-read instruction booklet, making setting up a breeze.

Beige/Blue Perrine 10-Gallon Tiki Hut Aquarium Tank Cover

This beige/blue Perrine 10-gallon tank cover is made of waterproof fabric, so you can rest assured that the cover will stay clean and dry even if it rains or gets wet. It is also machine washable, so you will only have to spend a little bit of time hand washing it every week. This aquarium tank cover is ideal for anyone who wants an affordable but stylish way to protect their betta fish tank from the elements!

Yellow/Black Perrone 10-Gallon School Bus Aquarium Tank Cover

This yellow/black perrone 10-gallon school bus aquarium tank cover has all the features you could want, such as being made from durable and sturdy materials that will last for years, as well as having a mesh window so your betta can see out. It’s also easy to remove when you need to clean the tank.

Yellow Submarine

This tank comes complete with a bubbling pirate ship aquarium that your pet fish will surely enjoy. It’s also great for beginner bettas or those who want a little fun without worrying about taking care of an entire tank. Plus, it’s easy to maintain – add some fresh water daily, and you’re good to go!

Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kit With Rail Light

These top-quality tanks have a rail light that provides natural lighting and an easy-to-use filter cartridge and heater. They also come in various sizes to perfectly match your home décor, so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your fish lover.

Super Mario Betta Tank

If you’re a fan of the popular video game series Super Mario, this tank will surely be a hit! It’s based on the game and comes complete with an exciting level design. It also comes with accessories such as a water cannon and bombs – perfect for blowing your betta away!

Tank Table

A tank table in your betta tank is a great way to make life easier. It gives you a place to set down cups, food, and water dishes without having to search for them constantly, and it also makes cleaning the tank much more straightforward – lift the table, and everything falls into the basin underneath! You can use it as a fish stand if you have multiple betta tanks! 

Grassy Field

Keeping a betta fish in one place can be challenging – but adding a grassy field to the mix makes it much more manageable. This environment is perfect for keeping algae at bay and provides plenty of places for the fish to hide and swim around. Plus, they get plenty of surface area to feed on!

Buddha Forest

This tank is designed to provide your fish with plenty of hiding places while still allowing you to monitor them from all angles. Not only is it spacious enough for a few fish, but its elevated platform also makes monitoring their behavior much more straightforward. The water in this tank is kept at a gentle temperature and supplemented with plants that help to filter it quickly.

Pirate Ship

Pirate ship betta aquarium is sure to please fish enthusiasts of all ages! The tank’s cascading waterfalls provide an extra visual appeal, while the sunken treasure chest as the focal point brings excitement and adventure to this betta aquarium. The pirate theme is carried throughout with floating skeletons and treasure chests that add an element of fun.

Majestic Betta Fish Aquarium

Majestic betta fish aquariums are the perfect gift for any betta lover! This beautiful aquascape has a built-in filter and heater to keep your betta healthy and a glass surface that is easy to clean. It looks stunning in any room of your house, making it the perfect addition to any home décor.


Agrabah is a popular betta tank design because it provides plenty of swimming space and its water feature creates a calming effect for the fish. It can be made from plastic, glass, or metal and looks great in any home setting.

Black Alan 30-Gallon Tower Pentagon Alanrium Kit

This tank has all the necessary accessories – including a filter, heater, and more. It also has plenty of space for your betta fish to swim around. Plus, its beautiful black design will complement any décor nicely.

Aussie Aquariums 2.0 Wall Mounted Aquarium

This stylish wall-mounted tank has a built-in filter and LED lighting, making it perfect for enjoying betta fish at night. In addition, its sleek design won’t take up much space on your wall – perfect if you’re looking to free up some valuable living space.

Betta Sorority Tank

The betta sorority tank is the perfect tank for betta fish enthusiasts. It has a lot of space, a waterfall and bog to add interest, and a built-in filter that makes it easy to keep your betta fish healthy and happy. It’s also perfect for any room in the house – living or bedroom!


Aquascaping is a beautiful way to display your betta fish in the most splendorous way possible. By choosing the right type of fish tank and setting up a lush aquascaped environment, you can create an elegant space perfect for your betta. Many plants and flowers look great in an aquascaped tank, so get creative! 

You can even use live plants if you have room – this will add extra life and beauty to your tank. Another great option is using fake plants – they come in all different shapes and sizes, making them very versatile. A beautifully designed aquascape looks great and gives your betta plenty of places to hide or swim around in peace. So why not give it a try?

Office Scene Tank

This tank comes with a filter, water pump, and heater – all you need is some gravel and plants! Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fish, this tank is excellent for bettas, guppies, or barbs. A great way to add a splash of color to your office while providing a place for your betta fish to swim around – it only takes up half the room!

Japanese Garden

If you’re looking for a way to add life and color to your betta tank, try setting it up in a Japanese garden style. This aquarium incorporates floating plants, providing a more natural look and hiding places for fish and plants. You also get the bonus of being able to watch your betta fish explore their new home!

Benefits of Having Toys and Decorations for Your Betta Tank

Betta Stimulation

This will help reduce stress in the fish and make them happier overall. Toys and decorations can be found at most pet stores or online if you want something specific. By keeping your betta stimulated, you’ll also ensure they don’t get bored – a problem often associated with stressed-out fish. So go ahead, give yourself a little break but do it by giving your betta the stimulating environment they deserve!

Hiding Spots

Bettas love to hide away, and providing him with the right hiding spots will make him feel secure and happy. This, in turn, reduces his chances of stress or biting. By providing toys and decorations, you can encourage your betta to explore these hiding places – ensuring the tank is kept clean in the process! Plus, it’s just plain fun watching your fish frolic around in hidden places!

Train Your Betta to Do Tricks

There is always room for improvement when it comes to training bettas. That’s why you should look for new training methods – they are bound to be better than the older ones! One of the simplest ways of Training your betta is by providing him with toys and decorations. In addition, food can also play an essential role in his development. 

Best Toys and Decorations to Keep Your Betta Entertained Reviewed

LUFFY Betta Balls: Live-Shaped Marimo Plant

These balls are made of high-quality rubber, making them durable and safe for your betta fish. Plus, they come in a variety of different colors and shapes to give your betta something new to explore every time he sees them. In addition, they make great fish toys, making it easy to keep your betta entertained.

R2 Fish School Complete Fish Training Kit

The R2 fish school, complete fish training kit, is the perfect way to keep your betta entertained and learning. This fish school has different decorations, habitats, and toys that will keep your betta occupied for hours. Not only does it look great in any aquarium, but the fun sounds and light-up features make it a lot of fun for the little guys.

Zoo Med Laboratories Betta Hammock

The Zoo Med Laboratories Betta Hammock is a great way to keep your betta entertained while they swim around and explore the different parts of the hammock. It also helps to improve their swimming skills as they get used to the movement. The fabric is made from 100% cotton, so it is machine-washable and easy to clean, making this an ideal choice for those with limited space or who want convenience when caring for their betta fish.

Betta Leaves by SunGrow

Betta leaves by Sungrow are an excellent way to keep your betta entertained and engaged. They come in various colors and patterns, making them the perfect decoration for your aquarium. Additionally, they can be moved around to provide hiding places for your betta’s predator fish and exciting distractions for them. Overall, these leaves are a great way to keep your betta healthy and happy!

Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

Zoo Med Floating Betta Log is perfect for betta fish owners who want to provide their pets with the best possible environment. Made from durable PVC construction that fits all betta tank sizes, this log provides your fish with plenty of shelter and a place to hide. Its natural wood-look finish gives it an elegant look that complements any interior design.

Double Fish Ping Pong Balls

There’s no need to be bored with your betta anymore – these balls will have them swimming and playing all day long! Made from durable plastic, they come with a small hole in the middle that your betta can use to swim around. Easy to clean; pop them into the washing machine when they start looking dirty. A great way for lazy fish owners to keep their fish entertained and healthy!

Betta Shipwreck

Betta shipwreck is the perfect toy for bettas because it offers hours of fun. Not only can your pet play with it in water and on land. With so many different colors to choose from, your betta will have a blast exploring every wreck. If you have a large tank, you can add some more minor wrecks to keep them entertained. This toy is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting for your pet.

Betta Tank Quick Setup Guide

Tank Size

When it comes to betta fish, tank size is of utmost importance. A betta needs plenty of space to swim and play and the ability to retreat into a safe spot if needed. So, unless you have a tiny apartment or live in a dormitory where every inch counts, going for at least 5 gallons of tanks is ideal. 

Another thing worth noting is that bettas don’t do well in water with low dissolved oxygen levels – make sure your tank has an aeration system that helps maintain high gas levels throughout the water column! 

And lastly, always test your water quality before filling up the tank – even if you’re using tap water. If there’s anything wrong with it (cysts or heavy metals, for example), then wait until conditions improve and fill up from another source instead.

Tank Lid

It is essential to get a good tank lid for your betta tank. Various types of lids are available, each with its benefits and drawbacks. It’s worth considering what you need the lid for and the type of betta fish you have. 

Some popular choices include glass-lidded tanks and mesh-type lids. Both offer your fish plenty of ventilation but can be vulnerable to breakage or escapes if fitted incorrectly or not securely fastened down. A good quality tank lid should fit well and be transparent so you can see your fish at all times while also being secure enough that they cannot escape (unless they work hard!).

A Long or Tall Tank

It doesn’t matter as long as your betta tank is big enough. A tall tank can look stylish in any home décor and accommodate a betta of any size. Plus, with a long tank, there’s no need to worry about your fish being cramped up – they’ll have plenty of room to swim around. 

For those with more than one betta fish, opting for a long tank is the way to go. Not only will this satisfy their swimming needs, but it will also give them plenty of space to socialize and play together comfortably.

Water Quality

It is essential to keep water quality high if you want your betta to thrive. This means testing the water temperature and adjusting it as needed, keeping an eye on ammonia levels, changing the water weekly, and using a fresh filter when necessary.

Water Temperature

Betta fish prefer a 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit range, but they tolerate temperatures up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the specific needs of your betta fish before setting up their tank – they may need different temperatures depending on their species or age.


Choosing the right type of lighting for your tank is essential. There are a few options to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. For betta fish, you will need aquarium light. This kind of light comes in different forms – fluorescent, LED, or incandescent- and all work well for Bettas. 

You can also get natural sunlight if you live in an area with plenty of sun throughout the day. Make sure the fixture you choose fits your tank’s size and style!


The substrate is the material used to cover the aquarium’s bottom. It helps to clean the water and prevents scale build-up. The substrate should be either sand or gravel – not both. Water should be changed at least every two weeks if it is heavily used or polluted. You will need a few things for your betta tank – substrate, gravel, and water.

The substrate is the material on which a betta fish lives and plays. Choosing a substrate that is safe for your betta and easy to clean is essential. A good rule of thumb is never to use anything that can be harmful or toxic to your fish – this includes vinegar, cleaners, and other chemicals. 

Make sure you keep a clean water dish and filter in your tank at all times so you always have quality water for your betta! Make sure you change the substrate every two or three weeks so it remains stimulating for the fish. This will help them stay healthy and happy!