Betta Fish Companion: Best Tankmates and Factors to Consider

Betta fish are small, colorful fish that can be kept in a tank with other small fish. They are peaceful and easy to care for and make good companions for people who want to keep fish but don’t have a lot of space.

In able for betta fish to live with companions, they need a large tank where they can have plenty of space to swim around. They should also have plenty of hiding places and organic matter to help keep their water clean. Betta fish are peaceful creatures and will usually get along with other small fish in their tank, but they can be territorial if they feel threatened.

Does Your Betta Need a Tank Mate?

Betta fish are tropical fish that typically live in small groups. They are generally peaceful fish but can become aggressive if they feel threatened. If you want to keep a betta fish as a pet, it’s important to choose a compatible tank mate. Some good tank mates for bettas include other small, peaceful fish, as well as plants.

Beautiful betta fish delight in splashing water and black background.

Can Betta Fish Live With Other Fish?

Betta fish are popular aquarium fish, but they can live peacefully with other fish species. Some bettas, especially those that are kept in smaller tanks, may get along well with other types of fish while others may not. However, it is important to research the compatibility of the fish you are considering before adding them to your aquarium.

Betta Fish With Other Fish

Betta fish are often kept with other fish in a tank, but it is important to do your research before getting a betta fish. Some betta fish are good with other fish, while others are aggressive and may attack other fish. Before getting a betta fish, make sure to read up on its personality and compatibility with other fish in the tank.

Best Betta Tank Mates

There are many different types of fish that can be kept in a betta tank, but some of the best betta tank mates for the fish are other small fish, like neon tetras, dwarf cichlids, or guppies. Other good tank mates for bettas include plants, like java fern or Anubias, as they will provide cover and oxygen for the fish. Other best tankmates for betta fish include:

  • Concerned types of fish, such as Danios and guppies, are confident swimmers but not too aggressive. These fish will keep the betta safe from other tank inhabitants that may be threats to its well-being.
  • Corydoras catfish are peaceful and adaptable little fish that can thrive in a small or medium-sized aquarium with Bettas. They prefer a stable environment and will not harass the betta.
  • Barbs, mollies, and other small fish that are schooling-type fish will be content to swim with each other in the tank without bothering the betta. These types of fish can also be fed live foods such as bloodworms or brine shrimp which will give your Bettas additional nutrients and companionship.

Female Betta Tankmates

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it can vary depending on the individual fish, but generally speaking, female betta fish will prefer to live in tanks with other females. This is likely because betta fish are social animals and need to interact with others to breed. If your female betta doesn’t have any female tank mates, she may become stressed and may not be as healthy as she could be.

Male Betta Tankmates

Betta fish are social fish and need a partner to live happily. Male Betta fish need a female to breed with and create offspring. There are many different types of male Betta fish, but all of them need a female to live happily.

Beautiful red betta fish delight in splashing water and black background.

Considerations for Good Tankmates for Bettas

There are a few things to consider when choosing tank mates for bettas. Bettas are active fish that enjoy swimming and exploring their surroundings. As such, they should be kept with fish that are similarly active. Bettas also like to live in groups, so it is important to choose a tank mate that is compatible with this behavior. 

Aquarium Size & Setup

First, the tank should be large enough for both fish to swim in comfortably. Second, the tank should have plenty of hiding places and plants for the betta to explore. Third, the tankmates should be of similar size and temperament so they don’t conflict. The tank should be large enough to accommodate the entire body of the fish, including their fins. Finally, the tankmates should be able to get along without constant attention from the betta.

Water Temperature

Betta fish are tropical fish and as such, prefer warm water temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (23 to 26 degrees Celsius). If your home does not have a consistent temperature range that matches this range, you can create a heater for the tank to increase the water’s warmth.


Betta fish live in clear and natural water with plenty of plants and rocks. To keep your betta healthy, you should provide a similar environment for them at home. Use quality gravel, wood chips, or other decors that can be buried beneath the substrate. Provide clean water with a good balance of ammonia and nitrite levels.

Activity and Habits

Bettas are very active fish that enjoy swimming, cruising, and exploring their surroundings. As such, they should be kept with similarly active tank mates. Be sure to choose a compatible tank mate that will not stress or bother the betta when it is trying to relax.

Swimming Space

Betta fish require plenty of swimming space to feel comfortable. You should provide at least one square foot of space for each betta in the tank. If your home does not have an extra room that can be used as a swim area, you can create an artificial pond or tub using small plastic balls and water filled with gravel ornaments.