Can Angelfish Live With Guppies: Are They Compatible?

The angelfish are a beautiful and graceful fish, and its popularity as a pet fish is only increasing. They are easy to care for and have up to 10 years. On the other hand, the guppies are colorful and lively fish that is fun to watch. They can grow up to two inches long and are a popular choice as a pet fish because they are easy to care for and have a long lifespan.

While these two fish are perfect pet species, angelfish can’t live with guppies because these fish are of different sizes and temperaments. If you try to house these two species together, the angelfish will most likely bully them guppy into submission. In addition, a sickly guppy will not probably be able to survive in a tank with angelfish.

Why Are Angelfish and Guppies Not Compatible?

There are a few reasons you should avoid keeping guppies and angelfish together. Guppies are relatively small fish, while Angelfish can reach lengths of up to one foot. Guppies also have comparatively delicate flesh, while Angelfish have razor-sharp scales. The angelfish would likely bully the guppy into submission or eat it if they were to get along. Additionally, a sickly guppy may not be able to survive in a tank with an angelfish. Finally, the guppies and angelfish are from different fish families – the guppy belongs to the minnow family while the angelfish belongs to the eel family. This means they have other eating habits and require very different environments to survive.

Why Should You Not Keep Angelfish With Guppies?

There is a good chance that guppies and angelfish will not get along in the same aquarium. If you decide to keep them together, be prepared for problems. Guppies are much smaller than angelfish and may be bullied into submission or eaten if they are not careful. In addition, a guppy might not be able to survive in an environment with lots of larger predators. The best option is usually to keep these two species in separate aquariums.

Stressful for Guppies

The presence of Angelfish can stress guppies. If you have one or more guppies in your aquarium, it is essential to keep them as calm and stress-free as possible. This means providing plenty of hiding spots, a neutral territory where they can socialize freely, and a regular schedule for water changes.

Angelfish Diet

Angelfish can and will eat smaller guppies if they are in the same tank. In addition, the smaller size of the guppies means that they don’t have much to protect themselves with. This makes them easy pickings for Angelfish. Additionally, Angelfish tend to be aggressive towards other fish. If guppies are in your tank, you should encourage them to keep their distance from the Angelfish rather than putting only one of each species in a single aquarium.

Angelfish Size

Angelfish can get pretty big, and some individuals can grow to be over 6 inches long! If you have an Angelfish in your tank, it is vital to keep a close eye on it and ensure that the guppies are never out of their reach. So, if you have a big male Angelfish in your tank, don’t be surprised if the guppies treat it as just another of their enemies.

Guppy Fry

If you have guppy fry in your tank, they will likely become the easiest prey for an Angelfish. Guppies eat a lot of food and need plenty of room for reproductive size, so having a bunch of little fish in one spot can be challenging. So if you find that your angelfish are eating your guppies, it is best to move them into another tank or take steps to protect them.

Breeding Issues

If you are breeding guppies, it is crucial to make sure that they have plenty of space and don’t get stressed out by the presence of Angelfish. If these conditions aren’t met, there is a good chance that your guppies will end up with problems during or after spawning.

Territorial Behavior

Angelfish are notorious for their territorial behavior. If you have one in your tank, it is best to ensure that the guppies have a place to go that isn’t under the Angelfish’s watchful eye. Instead, provide them with some hiding spots, and if they start to get too noisy or aggressive, move them into another tank.

Large Tank Requirement

Angelfish may be able to live in a tank as small as 10 gallons, but they will need plenty of room to swim and play. If you don’t have room for an Angelfish, it is best to keep them out of your guppies’ way. In addition, Angelfish will most likely eat any guppies in the tank.

Differences in Behavior Between Guppies and Angelfish

Behavior of Guppies

Angelfish are generally friendly fish, but they can be territorial and aggressive towards other fish in their tank. If your guppies are small enough, they may not get too scary, but you’ll need to move them out of the way if they become big enough to bother the angelfish. In addition, in a larger tank, there’s a chance that the angelfish will eat your guppies if you don’t do anything to protect them.

Behavior of Angelfish

Angelfish are peaceful fish and typically don’t get too rowdy in their tank. If you have smaller guppies, they may mistake the angelfish for a potential food source, but larger guppies should be OK. Just make sure that they aren’t too close to the angelfish, or they may get eaten.

What Fish Can You Keep With Angelfish?

There are various fish that can live peacefully with an Angelfish, but some of the best choices include Mollies, Bristlenose Plecos, Dwarf Gourami, and Harlequin Rasboras. In addition, any fish that is also a hassle for the Angelfish should be removed.

What Fish Can You Keep With Guppies?

Good tankmates for guppies include other peaceful fish such as swordtail fish, cory catfish, honey gouramis, and cardinal tetra.