Can Hermit Crabs Drink Bottled Water: Suitability of Various Water to Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs can and do drink bottled water but in small amounts. Drinking water is one of the ways hermit crabs regulate their body temperature. It’s always important to be sure your hermit crab is getting the water it needs to survive. If you’re worried the crab isn’t getting enough, check its droppings regularly. They should be light pink or red, indicating good health. 

For the most part, hermit crabs need moist sand or soil to survive happily and have healthy lifestyles. While it’s technically possible for hermit crabs to survive without water, they would likely die quickly if forced to do so. To drink and bathe, hermit crabs need a humid environment – which means they can’t live in dry environments like many homes have. So, if you’re living in a dry environment and are concerned about your crab’s water intake, add some moisture to the sand or soil it’s living in!

Do Hermit Crabs Drink Water?

Most hermit crabs can drink water, but some prefer salt water or fresh water. Be sure not to overfeed your hermit crab, as this will cause him to become sluggish and less active. If you’re concerned about your crab’s well-being, give him a small amount of room daily and monitor his behavior carefully. If you provide him with various options – like salt water or fresh water – and keep him healthy and hydrated, your hermit crab will be fine drinking bottled water!

Waters and Their Suitability to Hermit Crabs

For hermit crabs who don’t seem to be getting the water they need from their saltwater habitat, try giving them fresh water or seawater instead. If your hermit crab doesn’t seem to be drinking enough, you can also try adding some fresh water to its tank. Hermit crabs are aquatic invertebrates, and as such, they need water to live. So make sure the tank your hermit crab lives in has plenty of ventilation so it can breathe and avoid becoming ill from living near toxic chemicals.

Bottled Water

Hermit crabs can drink bottled water – but only if it’s filtered. Why is filtering important for hermit crabs? Filtration is essential for hermit crabs to stay healthy and safe, as water from tap sources can contaminate bacteria and other harmful substances. Bottled water, on the other hand, is filtered and contains fewer bacteria and other harmful substances.

Sparkling Water

Some hermit crabs can drink sparkling water, but it is not recommended for most of them. Pouring the water into a small container and placing the crab inside is best. Make sure that the container you are using is big enough so that the crab has room to move around and get access to the water at all times. Some hermit crabs can drink bottled water, but it’s not always safe for them – which is why it’s better to give them fresh fruit or vegetables inside a container instead!

Flavored Water

Hermit crabs are omnivorous creatures, and as such, they enjoy a variety of flavors in their water. Some familiar flavors that hermit crabs like to drink include citrus, mint, and grapefruit. While providing them with various flavors to keep their interest piqued, make sure not to give them bottled water containing harmful additives. Hermit crabs can even drink flavored water if you give it to them correctly! 


Hermit crabs are often considered saltwater creatures, but this is not entirely true. Hermit crabs can get enough salt from eating seafood. Soaking up minerals and other nutrients from the water, drinking bottled water is a way to get the hydration they need. Different types of hermit crab prefer different types of water so be sure to research which kind you have before buying any!

Tap Water

Yes, hermit crabs can drink tap water. Just make sure it is filtered using a dechlorinator and of good quality. It’s essential to know the water requirements of hermit crabs if you live in a city where tap water is unsafe. If you don’t have access to municipal water, make sure to provide fresh vegetables or seaweed for the crab’s diet. Generally, hermit crabs can drink tap water as long as it’s clean and free of chlorine. Keep an eye on your hermit crab colony, and top up the water dish as needed.

Distilled Water

If you provide filtered water to your hermit crabs, ensure it meets their needs (dissolved chlorine levels, etc.). However, distilled water is a good option for hermit crabs and can be just as drinkable as tap water. They are even able to drink distilled water just like humans. So, whether you’re providing tap water, distilled water, or a mixture of the two, ensure you’re providing enough for your hermit crabs. They’ll thank you for it!

How Pet Hermit Crabs Drink Water

It’s essential to ensure your pet hermit crab is getting adequate hydration, especially if he lives in captivity. Pet hermit crabs need regular access to clean water sources, so ensure you always keep a fresh water supply on hand. Hermit crabs can drink from the tap and bottled water – place the bottle in their tank or enclosure and let them find it themselves! 

Depending on the size and type of hermit crab, different methods may be necessary for providing them with drinkable water. For example, giant hermit crabs may need a water dish filled up multiple times a day, while smaller hermit crabs may drink from a tap. Always check your pet’s drinking habits regularly to ensure he is getting adequate hydration.

Hermit Crabs Drink By Scooping Up Water

Hermit crabs can drink bottled water, and it’s an excellent way to provide them with extra hydration. If you’re unsure if your crab can drink from a bottle, place some of the water inside the shell and watch how they react. Bottled water is beneficial for hermit crabs that live in dry environments. When providing your hermit crab with water, make sure the container is deep enough for them to reach the bottom without having to climb out.

How Often Do Hermit Crabs Drink Water?

Hermit crabs do not drink water from a bottle. Instead, they get their water directly from the ocean and don’t need to drink it from a tap because salt is not present in freshwater. Instead, they usually drink fresh water daily, but they will only eat food if there is salt. Hermit crabs use their claws to scoop up water and consume it by drinking it with their mouths open.

Do Hermit Crabs Need Water Bowls or Bottles?

The answer to this question is a little complicated regarding hermit crabs. Some people believe they drink bottled water, while others do fine with tap water. The choice is entirely up to you and what works best for your set-up! 

That being said, if you’d like them to have access to bottled water in case of emergencies, small water bottles work great as bowls for them. And if you want to give them access to a water dish, they can drink from tap water just fine. So there you have it – the answer to the complicated hermit crab question.

How Can I Make Sure That My Hermit Crabs Are Getting Enough Water?

They need to drink at least half a liter of water per day (they can drink more if thirsty). To ensure the water is fresh and clean, you should not give your hermit crabs tap water. You can instead provide them with a large water dish or put them into an aquarium.