Do Guppies Eat Shrimp: Tips in Keeping Them With Guppies

Shrimp in fish tanks is an alternative to regular shrimp farming. These shrimp don’t come from the sea but from the ponds that are normally used for growing freshwater fish. But if you have guppies in your aquarium, is it safe to put shrimp in there as well?

Guppies will consume baby shrimps and adult shrimps, that is why it is not ideal to put these two species in a single aquarium. However, some things can be done to decrease the possibility of your guppies eating your shrimp.

How to Keep Guppies From Eating Shrimp?

Guppy Multi Colored Fish in a Tropical Acquarium

Place Shrimp Before Guppies

The best way to protect your shrimp from being eaten by guppies is to put them in the tank first. When putting shrimp in your guppy tank, make sure they are the first fish to arrive. Guppies are predators and will hunt down and eat any available small prey. If you put shrimp into the tank first, they will be less likely to be eaten.

Use Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are another important way to protect your shrimp from being eaten by guppies. Guppies feed on plant material, and if there are plenty of aquatic plants in the tank, they will have less opportunity to hunt down and eat shrimp. Aquatic plants also provide cover for shrimp as they swim around in their habitat. This protection can help keep them safe from predators such as cats or birds that might be attracted to the fishy smell of shrimp. In addition, plants will also provide shade for shrimp that can help keep them cool. There are many different types of aquatic plants available, but some common ones include java moss, Anubias, and Cabomba. Some aquarium shops will sell live plants, but it is also easy to purchase them online.

Feed Your Guppies Properly

Another way to help protect your shrimp from being eaten by guppies is to feed them properly. Guppies are avid predators, and if they have access to a steady diet of shrimp, they will be more likely to hunt down and eat the small fishy prey. Make sure that you provide enough food for both your guppies and your shrimp using an automated fish feeder or a sinking pellet food dish. If you only feed your shrimp, they will likely be less of a target for the guppies and can stay safe in their tank.

Observe Guppy Population in the Aquarium

Another way to protect your shrimp from being eaten by guppies is to watch the population of guppies in the tank. If there are too many guppies in the tank, they will be more likely to hunt down and eat your shrimp. This can happen quickly if there are a lot of hungry predators hanging around. To limit the number of guppies in your aquarium, do not feed them excessively or over-water their habitats. In general, to limit the number of guppies in your tank, feed them sparingly or remove them altogether. If you do have to keep guppies in the tank, make sure they are confined to a small area near the center of the aquarium.

Breed Shrimp in the Guppy Aquarium

While it is possible to protect your shrimp from being eaten by guppies, it is also possible to increase the chances of this happening by breeding shrimp with guppy fish. Guppies are natural predators of small fish, so if you pair them together in an aquarium they will likely prey on one another. This can quickly lead to a depleted tank full of small prey and potentially hungry shrimp. Breeding shrimps in an aquarium with guppies can be a fun and educational experience, but it is important to keep in mind the risks involved.

Place Shrimp Outside of Guppy Tank

If you want to keep your guppies and shrimp separate, you can use an aquarium divider. The divider will keep the two species separated and safe from each other. You can place this divider outside of your tank so that the guppies do not have access to the shrimp. You can also create a barrier between the tank and substrate. This will help to prevent them from swimming up into the water column and eating the shrimp.

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Why Should You Keep Shrimp in Your Aquarium?

Shrimp are fascinating and beautiful fish that can add a lot of dynamic coloration to your aquarium. They are also very active swimmers and eat small food items, which makes them an ideal addition to smaller tanks. If you have the space, shrimp can be a great choice for an aquarium full of fish. However, if you do not want guppies in your tank or you do not have enough room for them, keeping shrimp separate from your guppies is the safest option.

There are many benefits to keeping shrimp in your aquarium. Here are a few:

  • Adding vibrant coloration to your tank
  • Eating small food items, which can help keep the tank clean and regulate fish populations
  • Helping control algae growth
  • Stabilizing the water temperature

Disadvantages of Shrimps in an Aquarium

Shrimps can be very active and destructive in an aquarium. They swim quickly around the tank, eating small food items and destroying plants and decorations. If your shrimp is not well-fed, it may become aggressive towards other fish in the tank.

If you choose to keep shrimp in your aquarium with guppies, make sure you are aware of their potential dangers and take precautions to ensure everyone remains safe.

What Other Fish Eat Shrimps?

There are many benefits to keeping shrimp in an aquarium. However, there are also some disadvantages. While shrimp can be a great addition to an aquarium, they are not the only fish that eat them. Other types of predatory fish like mackerel and swordfish will also try to catch and eat shrimp. So, if you want your tank full of guppies but do not want any other predators in the mix, it is best to keep shrimp separate from other fish.