Do Guppies Like Bubbles: Benefits and Alternatives

We are all familiar with bubbles in our everyday lives. There are tons of different ways to create bubbles. From fizzy drink bottles to popping champagne glasses, we all have our favorite ways to create little wisps of magic and entertainment. But one thing that is sometimes overlooked is the role that bubbles play in the world of aquaria.

In this article, we are going to find out if your guppies like bubbles and the benefits that they can bring to your pet fish.

Guppy fish in aquarium. Multi color Poecilia reticulata isolated on black background with clipping path.

Do Guppies Like Bubbles?

There is no question that guppies like bubbles. The bubbles provide a means of movement that is very helpful in getting your fish to move around and keep them busy with constant action. By using bubble machines more commonly known as “bubblers”, the water in your aquarium can make their world come to life and keep them happy. But most importantly, we want our fish to be healthy, fun, and social with one another; all of which bubbles do a great job with.

Do Guppies Need Bubbles?

Bubbles are necessary for guppies to live healthy and happy lives. Bubbles provide a means of movement, which helps get the fish to move around and keep them busy. In addition, bubbles can add interest to the environment for your guppies. As you may have guessed, there are a variety of different types of bubblers that can be used in an aquarium. You can use bubble machines or create your bubbles by simply blowing them into a pipe or air pump. We will discuss more options as we go along.

What Are Bubblers?

A bubbler is a water device that creates bubbles. Air bubblers are the most common type of bubblers because they use naturally occurring air inside an aquarium to create bubbles. How this works is, instead of letting pets swim with all their fish in a regular tank you will buy one unit and place it in your bowl which can be connected perfectly based on what size guppy tank/bowl you own.

Guppies elephant ears in a plant aquarium, macro photo

What Are The Benefits of Bubblers?


Bubblers aerate the water which means that on the surface of the water, oxygen is released which kills bacteria and contaminates thus leaving you with a fresh-smelling tank. In addition, this also keeps the water from stagnant which makes it flow more freely.


Bubbles are great for keeping your fish from being lonely. This is because it gives them something to do and keeps them busy which prevents boredom. In addition, bubbles can be a great way to get the attention of guppies who might otherwise ignore you. Bubbles are fun for both you and your fish. They provide an exciting experience that is enjoyable for both parties involved.

Water Movement

Since bubbles are formed by air, they can be used to move the water around. This movement keeps the fish from having to swim continuously which is better for their health than ordinary swimming in tanks. Since spurges consume plant food they require a steady stream of oxygen at all times to breathe appropriately and avoid possible problems such as bubble streaming or drowning.


Bubblers improve the aesthetics of your aquarium by acting as housing for freshwater and saltwater fish. They also remove harmful pollutants from your tank’s water, making it more suitable for fish.


Bubblers are quite cheap and so easy to install, you can just install them in your fish tank or you can buy an air pump that comes with a bubbler attached to it. This is because they are low maintenance and do not require much care unlike filters where you have to clean them now and then but with bubblers, there is no need for that because a proper flow of water and aerobic condition keeps the tank’s conditions under check.

What Are Bubbler Alternatives?

Normal Oxygenation

If you want a completely natural water surface, this is the best way to go. You might also consider an air stone and some chemical filtration if your tank doesn’t have good drainages like gravel bottom or any other surface except window glass. If it has no issues with keeping its water crystal clear, then it’s mostly recommended by experts as long as you take care of all crucial factors involved. Other than that – let nature do the work!

HOB Filter

A HOB filter is a style of the pump where it does its job by spinning in place. These are often used for maintaining water quality and removing contaminants but also do this with that extra reusable sponge you saved up. Not all HOB filters produce good output but it’s usually easy to identify the ones which will function properly, easily, and more importantly with very little chance of clogging. This instrument is putting your hard-earned money on if you wish to achieve a tank with great bubble production.


If you are thinking of getting a bubbler on your own, this is probably what you need to do. Simply place some rocks and plants around the bubble unit so that it can oxygenate only using water pressure rather than through moving parts such as fans located there. If an aquarium glass has multiple openings in it (check out hydrometers) creating certain current density waves across enough volume or else bubbles will be generated naturally from within.