Do Neon Tetras Lay Eggs: Facts That You Need to Know

Neon tetras are a group of fish that are native to the Western and Northern Amazon. They have been classified as tropical freshwater fish, but they also spend time in brackish water habitats. These fish belong to the Characidae family and can be distinguished by their neon coloration and interesting reproductive strategy.

If you are planning to breed neon tetras in captivity, you should know the basics of how they reproduce such as if they lay eggs or not. In this article, we are going to discuss that including the important knowledge that you need to have about how neon tetras spawn.

Neon Tetra swimming

Do Neon Tetras Lay Eggs?

Yes, neon tetras do lay eggs. Most couples will produce around 60 to 130 eggs at a time. The fertilized eggs, approximately 30 to 40 eggs of the whole batch, will then take about twenty-four hours to hatch. The eggs are small and resemble tiny pupae until they hatch. When the neon tetra does hatch, it is almost indistinguishable from other neon tetras in appearance – except for their unique stripe of white underneath them (along each side).

Young neon tetras usually remain with the parents, feeding on their yolk sacs until they have grown large enough to eat readily away from the adults. The aquarium environment may be one of these places where young neon tetra will get food and begin growing or survive in an area such as near a filter that gets very active water movement.

How Do Neon Tetras Reproduce?

The neon tetra, when it is in the right growing conditions, will begin to make eggs. The breeding will normally happen once the neon tetras are 12 weeks old as this is the time that they reach sexual maturity. After the eggs are laid, they will form into a gelatinous mass that tends to be transparent in appearance. This gelatinous material is what comprises fertilized eggs as well as sperm.

Its breeding behavior aside, the interesting part of their breeding cycle is that in a long-term breeding tank (and any aquarium under stress) neon tetras are very prone to spawning at any time. You can see them swimming around looking for places where they may deposit the eggs!

Neon Tetra

How Long Does It Take for Neon Tetras to Lay Eggs?

It will take approximately 14 days for the neon tetras to start laying their eggs from the time they get pregnant. The eggs will then need approximately 24 hours for them to hatch. During this time, the parents are removing most of the nutrients from their yolk sacs and preparing them so that they can give their little ones a good start in life.

You will see that the neon tetras are still carrying on with their normal behaviors such as eating, swimming, and even fighting. The parents will also take on a defensive posture to protect their eggs from other neon tetras or fish.

How Long Does It Take for Neon Tetra Eggs to Hatch?

The eggs take another day to hatch and are called “fry” when they do. The babies resemble tiny tadpoles for about two weeks until eventually transforming into fry or juvenile neon tetras in 3-4 weeks.

Over the first 24 hours after spawning, neon tetra eggs are guarded very intensely by their parents and it is a good idea not to disturb them too much as they have absorbed just enough nutrients from storing yolk sacs that we do not want potential problems with overfeeding or possible stress on moms and dads! So, if you want to see the tiny neon tetras that emerge from their eggs, you will have to take a good 24 hours before you can observe them.

Neon Tetra, paracheirodon innesi, Aquarium Fish

How Many Eggs Do Neon Tetras Produce?

Neon tetras lay eggs in masses of about 60 to 130 at a time and these eggs are creamy-white with a characteristic black spot in the middle. It depends on the tank and the particular water parameters, but a group of neon tetras may opt for spawning in tanks with temperatures between 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 76 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius), pH between 5 to 6; nitrate level of less than 20ppm; hardness that is below 10dH, thus providing optimal conditions for young fish as well as fast growth rates and high appetite level.

Where Do Neon Tetras Lay Eggs?

To determine if the neon tetras are spawning in your aquarium, look for eggs directly on the substrate or amidst live plants near the borders of your tank. Eggs can also be attached to other decorations like power filters and hoods by using a toothpick to gently lift them off where no harm has been inflicted. Smaller eggs are usually circular and will deposit onto the aquarium walls or on glass windows. Look for these as they signal some kind of spawning behavior.

What Neon Tetra Food Should I Feed My Fry?

A well-balanced diet is essential as any deviation from this could cause infections such as white spot disease. It’s important to note that neon tetras do not require a high degree of protein, so it can be very easy for this species to experience short-term hunger when conditions change.

The best neon tetra food is a diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruit, frozen bloodworm larvae, live brine shrimp, and daphnia. However, brine shrimp and daphnia are not as essential to a diet such as the one described above. Although neon tetras are omnivorous fish, they should be fed daily with a meat-based diet. Freeze-dried or live aquatic insects can also be offered as a supplemental food source.

What Should You Do If Neon Tetras Spawn?

If you see neon tetras spawning, it is important not to disturb them as this may cause them stress. Try to give the parents some peace and leave the aquarium for a little while so that they can finish their job. Once the eggs have hatched, you can add some new fry and watch as these babies grow into adulthood!