Dwarf Puffer Fish Tank Size: Recommended Size and Aquarium Care

You should consider how big a dwarf puffer grows on choosing a tank. A dwarf puffer fish tank should be at least 20 gallons, but 30 gallons or larger are better. A densely populated tank will accommodate more than one dwarf puffer fish, and a solitary dwarf puffer fish can live happily in a tank of around 10 gallons.

The water chemistry, including pH and ammonia levels, should also be stable. The ambient temperature should be around 77-79 degrees Fahrenheit; the pufferfish can freeze solid below this range. So, a filter is a helpful addition.

Can You Keep Dwarf Puffers Together?

Yes, dwarf puffer fish can live peacefully together in a tank, provided they have the same swimming habits and eat the same types of food. In addition, make sure the tank is big enough to accommodate them both. So, if you are considering getting a dwarf puffer fish, it would be best to get at least three.

Can Dwarf Puffers Live With Other Fish?

Yes, dwarf puffer fish can be kept with other small fish, provided they have similar water requirements and tank sizes. However, ensuring the other fish are not aggressive and get along well is essential. Additionally, ensure the tank has a solid filter to clean the water.

Dwarf Puffer Fish: Species Summary

The dwarf puffers are one of the most popular fish choices for new aquarium owners. They come in various colors, including light blue and green, and can be kept in a small tank with other similar-sized fish. Make sure to have a solid filter to keep their water clean.


The lifespan of a dwarf puffer fish is typically around 4-5 years. As long as they are provided with a clean tank and good nutrition, they will likely enjoy a long and happy life.


The dwarf puffers are one of the cutest fish available and come in various colors, including light blue and green. They have short spines on their backs, round heads, and small mouths. In addition, they are one of the most peaceful fish in the aquarium, making them an excellent choice for beginners.


The dwarf puffers are one of the smaller fish choices and typically range in size from 0.98 inches, making them the smallest pufferfish worldwide. So, while they require a small tank, they are not as restricted in size as other fish choices.

Dwarf Puffer Fish Tank Care

Dwarf puffers make an excellent choice for new aquarium owners because they are one of the most gentle fish available. They typically live in tanks with other smaller fish but can be kept with larger species if needed.

Basic requirements include clean water and a strong filter. Make sure to provide them with plenty of food and avoid overfeeding them as this will cause obesity, leading to health problems.

Additionally, be sure to provide a hiding place for them where they can relax. Lastly, check the water regularly and clean any debris that may have accumulated.

Water Parameters

The water parameters for a dwarf puffer fish tank should be maintained at a temperature of 77-79 degrees Fahrenheit, with a pH level of 7.0 to 8.0 and a hardness of around 4-10 DH.

Adding one or two species of bottom feeders to the tank is also recommended to help clean up any food scraps that may accumulate over time. So, while dwarf puffer fish tanks can be small, they are still capable of accommodating a variety of fish and aquatic invertebrates.

What to Put in Their Tank

One of the great things about dwarf puffers is that they make an excellent choice for beginner aquarium owners. They are one of the most peaceful fish available and typically do not require much attention from their owner.

So, if you are new to keeping fish, this may be a good option for you. As mentioned earlier, Dwarf puffers should have plenty of fresh water and a strong filter. In addition to aquatic plants and live or artificial filter floss can also provide them with plenty of interest and decorative options in their tank.

Common Possible Diseases

As with any fish, dwarf puffers are susceptible to various diseases, so keep their water clean and check the algae level regularly to prevent problems from arising.

Additionally, their small size can make them more vulnerable to disease. So, it is essential to take regular care of them and watch for any suspicious changes in their health.

Food & Diet

Dwarf puffers are primarily carnivorous fish. Puffers will eat small aquatic invertebrates, larvae, and some plant matter. As a result, they do well with a diet that includes live or frozen food, such as bloodworms or blackworms.

In addition, they will also appreciate a vitamin-rich diet, including flakes or pellets. Therefore, be sure to provide them with a variety of food options.


As with most fish, breeding dwarf puffers is not particularly difficult; however, they require a temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit and adequate water quality to produce healthy offspring.

So, make sure to provide them with the proper environment and food items to breed them successfully.

Additionally, ensure they have plenty of hiding spots and decor in their tank to stimulate their natural territorial instincts.

The Best Tankmates for Dwarf Puffer Fish

Dwarf puffers can live reasonably peacefully alongside other small fish, provided they are similar in size and have similar water requirements. No need to purchase an entire separate tank just for them, as dwarf puffers will share the same aquarium with others. Some good choices for compatible fish include kuhli loach, danios, neon tetras, cherry shrimp, and otocinclus.

Therefore, before getting a dwarf puffer fish, it is best to consult an expert or visit a store specializing in aquatic pets.


Danios are one of the many fish that can live harmoniously alongside a dwarf puffer fish. They have similar water needs and tank sizes, so buying an entire separate tank is unnecessary. Additionally, they are known to eat small fish so dwarf puffer fish might feel safest around them.

Cherry Shrimp

Cherry shrimp are small fish; as long as their tank has a large enough surface area, they will be fine. Dwarf puffers also need plenty of space to swim around, so adding a few cherry shrimps should not cause any problems.

Neon Tetras

Dwarf puffers, like all pufferfish, can tolerate a wide range of water conditions and fish species. Neon tetras are another tiny fish that can live peacefully with dwarf puffers, provided they have similar tank size, water requirements, and a stable environment, including good filtration.