How Big Do Albino Cory Catfish Get: Overview and Proper Care Guide

If you’re looking for a fascinating and unusual pet, you should consider an albino catfish. These fish are pretty rare, and as a result, they make great pets. Albino catfish are usually relatively peaceful, and they don’t require a lot of care. Just be sure to keep them in a large tank for them to swim in and provide them with plenty of food.

A typical adult Albino Cory can grow up to around 2.8 inches in length, with a maximum size of 3 inches. If you’re looking for a strikingly colored and unique cory catfish to add to your tank, the Albino Corydoras is an option worth considering. They are generally easy to care for and can be housed in almost any aquarium size.

Albino Cory Catfish: Species Overview

The Albino Corydoras is an exciting and unique fish that requires particular housing conditions to thrive. These morphs are not generally aggressive towards other tank mates, but they need plenty of privacy as they will mount sexual attacks on unsuspecting individuals. Despite their difficult breeding habits, these fish make great additions to any tropical or Amazonian river ecosystem.


The Albino Corydoras can live up to 5 years in the wild but are generally considered far less aggressive and more accessible to care for than their regular color varieties. In addition, they are pretty easy to breed and breed regularly in aquariums, although they do require specific temperatures as well.


The Albino Corydoras is not as commonly available as its standard color variety, although they can be found at most fish dealers. They typically cost a bit more than their colorful counterparts but are well worth the unique personality and stunning coloration investment.

Natural Habitat

The Albino Corydoras is native to the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers in South America. In addition, you can find it in rivers, lakes, and ponds that contain freshwater fish indigenous to the Amazon.


Despite their morphogenetic history, Albino Corydoras are pretty tame and do well in most types of aquariums. Therefore, you should provide them with many hiding spots and other objects to explore. These fish can get a bit nippy if they feel threatened, so keep an eye on them and provide enough plants and rocks for them to climb onto.

Additionally, make sure to quarantine them before adding them into your tank alongside regular colored variety.


Albino Corydoras usually are pretty peaceful and will do well with most other inhabitants in the aquarium, including both internal and external filters/substrates varieties. However, they can be a bit nippy when they feel threatened, so pay attention to your cory’s behavior towards its surroundings; like many of their congeners, these fish are considered excellent parents.

Albino Cory Catfish: Proper Care Guide

If you’re interested in keeping an Albino Cory Catfish, it’s essential to understand their unique needs. Like all other catfish species, Albino Corys require an adequate water temperature (between 74-80 degrees Fahrenheit) and a sturdy start-up aquarium to accommodate large fish. In terms of diet, they will typically consume small invertebrates and plants but are not fussy eaters – so feel free to offer them a variety of foods. These fish are not only fascinating to look at, but they are also some of the best choices for those who want an easy-to-keep aquarium pet.

Aquarium Size

The Albino Corydoras requires a sturdy aquarium setup that can accommodate larger fish. A 20-gallon tank will be suitable for 1 or 2 albino cory catfish, while an aquarium of 30 gallons or more will be necessary for three or more. The substrate should be either gravel, sand, or polished rock, as these fishes do not require any type of water plant. Outside of the aquarium, there should also be a large piece of driftwood or another sturdy object to provide shelter and hiding places.

Aquarium Setup

When it comes to tank size and setup, the same guidelines apply to all other catfish species (including the Albino Cory) still apply: your tank should be large enough to handle a healthy fish, with plenty of hiding places and plants life. In terms of water quality, make sure pH levels are steady at 7.0-8.0 and add premium aquarium salt.

Aquarium Guide

The Albino Corydoras is a relatively easy fish to care for. These cory catfish require a stable environment with warm water temperature (74-80 degrees Fahrenheit), plenty of oxygen, and good filtration. They also need some type of fecal removal device in their aquarium as they have an unfortunate tendency to poop everywhere! Another thing to keep in mind is their dietary needs; these fish are typically vegetarians but will eat small invertebrates and plants if offered.


The Albino Corydoras is a relatively easy fish to care for and is not particularly fussy about its diet. They do, however, require a sturdy aquarium setup that can accommodate large fish.


The Albino Corydoras likes to eat small invertebrates and plants, so feel free to offer them a variety of foods. In addition, the Albino Corydoras will appreciate the beef heart, worms, shrimp, and brine shrimp. Moreover, these fish are also some of the best choices for those who want an easy-to-keep aquarium pet because of the wide variety of food that they can eat.


Albino cory catfish are more challenging to breed than their regular colored counterparts because of their breeding habits: they don’t reproduce through egg-laying like most ‘normal’ freshwater fish like guppies; instead, these morphs prefer to form small ichthyosaur-like cysts on the anterior portions of their pelvic fins. Once a male Albino Corydoras can find and ‘poke’ into an infertile cyst, he is then said to have succeeded in fertilizing it – and will continue doing so until the female Dems out, or they both die! Typically, these fishes are spawned during the summer months when water conditions are ideal.