How Do Cory Catfish Breed: Tips in Successful Breeding

Are you looking for a good hobby that you can do with your family? If so, then cory catfish breeding might be the perfect choice for you! This hobby is easy to start, and it doesn’t involve any complex equipment or expensive materials. Cory catfish breeding is relatively affordable, and it’s a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Cory catfish breed by the male releasing sperm into the water. The male then fertilizes the female carrying the eggs in her pelvic fins, and she will put them to her chosen spot. In addition, many males will try and release the eggs of other females. The young are planktonic at hatching, so they can often move up your aquarium to establish their territory in search of a mate by catching small fish such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, or baby shrimps.

At What Age Do Cory Catfish Breed?

For corydoras, maturity is reached at about two years old. At this point, these fish are big enough and aggressive enough to establish their territory in search of a mate.

In addition, once mature, these catfish also develop more sturdy fighting structures and are therefore a much better option than young juveniles for beginning aquarists.

Is Cory Catfish Easy to Breed?

Well, it depends on the individual fish. Some can be bred easily, but some do not want to come out of the defensive mode they have when the breeding time comes. So if you’ve ever tried cycling or keeping betta fish, try doing this with your new corydoras. You may start at the bare stage and see what happens.

How Often Can You Breed Cory Catfish?

Breeding cory catfish is a continuous process. You will want to monitor the fertility of your fish and perform regular water changes to keep the habitats clean and healthy. As long as you maintain these conditions, spawning should occur regularly. In addition, experts recommend a 50% water change about once every week instead of the usual 30 or 40%. You can also provide some extra lighting for your fish tanks to make them more appealing when spawning time comes.

How Many Eggs Do Cory Catfish Lay?

Egg deposition is an essential component of corydoras’ reproductive biology because it allows these fish to disperse their offspring in a wide area. These fishes can lay up to 10 to 20 eggs at a time. In addition, egg deposition can make up a significant proportion of the sperm deposited by these fish into the water.

How to Set Up Tank for Cory Catfish Breeding?

You will want your aquarium to be well-lit and provide plenty of hiding places for the fish. The water should also be clean and cold, with a pH of 6.0 to 7.5. Additionally, you can add some plant life, such as Java fern or Amazon swords, to give your corydoras something to nibble on while spawning.


Some fish enthusiasts recommend using a heater to increase the temperature of your aquarium while spawning. This will help dissolve any egg clumps and make the process smoother for you and your corydoras. In addition, a warmer water temperature will help the eggs hatch naturally.


Since corydoras are prolific breeders, you will want to make sure their habitat is clean and debris-free. A good filter will help keep your water clear while breeding corydoras. In addition, corydoras produce a lot of waste and ammonia, so you will want to make sure these are well-filtered. A good filter is also essential because your corydoras may clog up their tank with eggs while they spawn, creating high levels of nitrate that can be harmful to younger fish in the aquarium.


Some corydoras are territorial during spawning, so you will want to provide bright lighting to attract them. You can also place plants in the tank that emit light, such as Light Emitting Diodes or fluorescent lights. In addition, these fixtures can help bring out the colors of the fish itself, making them more appealing to potential admirers.

What to Do When Cory Catfish Lay Eggs?

When cory catfish lay eggs, they usually do so in an aquarium or individual breeding chamber explicitly prepared for their species. Do not crowd the fish during this process, as overcrowding may kill the eggs. Instead, add one egg at a time with a net or spoon into the tank and leave them until they hatch. In addition, if you are planning on keeping your spawn, make sure they are not poached (stolen) by another pet owner.

How to Breed Cory Catfish?

Selecting Healthy Fish

Corydoras belong to the order Siluriformes, which includes catfish and cichlids. They are typically shy fish that will quickly disappear if startled or stressed, so it is essential to choose a reputable seller when purchasing them. Ensure they have been bred in captivity and quarantined before adding them to your tank.

Starting to Breed

Corydoras are gentle fish that will not harm other tankmates, but they require a lot of space (at least 5 gallons) and proper substrate to spawn. Ensure you have the correct equipment before starting the process, such as an aquarium with clean water and adequate lighting.

Breeding and Aftercare

Once spawning is complete, the eggs will hatch in about two to four days. The fish should be left undisturbed until they are free-swimming juvenile corydoras. Feed them sparingly and monitor their water conditions carefully, as stressed corydoras may develop fin rot or other health problems.

How to Take Care of Cory Catfish Fry?

When cory catfish fry hatch, they will require plenty of protein and calcium. Feed them a mixture of ground-up fish food or baby brine shrimp every day, and change their water often to ensure that it is clean and fungus free. Once the fry is free swimming, they will require small feedings several times a day and should be kept in an aquarium with plenty of hiding places. Adult corydoras should not be fed until they consume their food.