How Many Tiger Barbs in a 55-Gallon Tank: Aquarium Guide and Requirements

Typically, around 20-30 tiger barbs in a typical 55-gallon tank are known for their aggression and strong territoriality. As such, they should not be kept with other non-aggressive fishes; keep the water at least 77-82 degrees, and add a filter to improve the water quality. In addition, there may also be a few other types of fish in the tank, so it is difficult to give an exact number.

When Should You Add More Tiger Barb Fish to a 55 Gallon Tank?

If you want to increase the population of tiger barbs in your tank, it is best to do so gradually for several months. This will help prevent any aggressive interactions between the fish. Additionally, adding more tiger barbs will also provide you with additional entertainment value.

How Many Tiger Barbs per Gallon?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual tiger barb fish’s size, age, and sex. Generally speaking, a gallon should accommodate around one to three tiger barbs. Additionally, remember that even young tiger barb fish can be quite territorial and aggressive. So, if you are considering adding them to your tank, make sure you have a complete understanding of their behavior beforehand.

Care Guide for Tiger Barbs in a 55-Gallon Tank


Tiger barbs are tropical fish that require much swimming space to thrive. Make sure to provide plenty of it by creating more swimming space for them in their tank. You can do this by adding a tank divider or moving the tank to a different location. Additionally, ensure the water is clean and free of debris, and feed them a quality diet that includes fresh aquatic food and frozen/frozen biological feeder fish daily. Finally, be sure to change their water regularly.

Tank Size

As tiger barbs are a type of fish that need plenty of space to swim around, it is essential to get the right tank size. For example, the average tank size for a tiger barb fish is 20 gallons. A 20-gallon tank is perfect for 5-6 tigers barb fish, as they will not occupy too much room and will be able to interact with each other freely. Therefore, you will likely need a bigger tank if you have more than six tiger barb fish. Ensure the water quality in your tank is good before adding any new fish – if it’s not, they might get sick and die.

Water Parameters

The water parameters for tiger barbs should be appropriate for their aquatic environment (pH, temperature, etc.), and regular water changes are essential to keep the tank clean and healthy. Tiger barb fish are tropical fish and, as such, require slightly different water parameters than other types of fish. They should have a pH of 6-8, a hardness up to 10 dGH, and a temperature range between 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Setting Up Aquarium

Adding tiger barbs to a 55-gallon tank is an exciting prospect, but it’s essential to ensure everything is set up correctly first. This includes ensuring enough tiger barbs and supplies are available, so the fish can grow and reproduce safely. 

A good idea would be to have all their other tank supplies ready, too – like substrate, water, food, etcetera – so they’re not left scrambling for anything once they arrive. Once everything is in place, it’s time for some fun! Additionally, keep an eye on the water quality in your tank, as tiger barb fish are susceptible to environmental changes.

Common Diseases

Tiger barbs are one of the more popular aquarium fish, and for a good reason – they are pretty playful and can be very easy to take care of. However, like any other aquatic pet, tiger barbs are susceptible to a few common diseases. You need to keep an eye on them and give them the environment they require for their health. Ensure their water quality is excellent, provide enough food and water, and proper tank mates if you have them in captivity. And finally, handle them with care! They can inflict severe injuries if mishandled.

How Many Tiger Barbs Should Be Kept Together?

You can keep many different types together in a 55-gallon tank when it comes to tiger barb fish. However, it’s important to experiment to see your fish’s temperament. Some tiger barbs may get along great, and others might not – it’s best to check with the seller before buying them, so you know how much room they will need.

Tiger barb fish can grow up to 2 1/2 to 3 inches and live five to seven years, so make sure you have enough space for one if you decide to buy one! As for water quality and temperature, monitor them both regularly and feed them once a week with high-quality pellets or flakes. In addition, keep an eye out for any changes in their environment that might indicate a health problem.