How to Care for Fantail Goldfish: Important Tips You Should Start Doing!

Fancy goldfish are a beautiful and popular fish, but they require extra care. Caring for fantail goldfish requires choosing the right tank size for them. They need at least a 20-gallon tank with plenty of java moss, plants, and hiding places. Feed your fish weekly in small meals or as needed with a quality brand of food. Give them live foods as much as possible since they can be helpful to pets. A good feed contains high levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals essential for growth and health.

Fantail Goldfish Health Care Tips

Tank Size

Fantail goldfish are tropical fish and, as such, need a warm environment to be healthy. They should have at least a 10-gallon tank, but 20 gallons or more is better. Additionally, add plenty of plants and rocks for them to explore. Ensure the water is clean and clear – goldfish waste will discolor the water acidity levels, which can harm your fish.

Water Parameters

Fantail goldfish require neutral to slightly alkaline aquarium water and should be checked regularly for signs of algae or other aquatic plants. Follow your fish food packaging directions to adjust the water parameters as needed. Goldfish cannot tolerate very high levels of ammonia or nitrates in their water, so ensuring they are not overfeeding and maintaining good conditions will help them live longer.

Aquarium Equipment

A fantail goldfish needs a lot of swimming space – at least 10 to 20 gallons. Please provide them with flakes or pellets three times a day and plenty of vegetation and hiding spots to keep them entertained. Add a water conditioner weekly to maintain the tank clean and fresh!

Food & Diet

Feed your goldfish a quality diet with plenty of fresh food and aquarium water. Goldfish require a diet consisting of animal prey (such as small fish) and plant matter. Feed them once a week with fresh food, such as live or frozen fish pellets or flakes, in addition to their regular tank water intake. If the goldfish becomes overfed, they may develop obesity and health problems down the line, so be careful not to overfeed your fish.


It is essential to have a good filtration system in place for goldfish as they are obligate omnivores. This means that they need food consisting of animal prey and plant matter. Make sure the tank has a tight-fitting lid and change the water daily to keep it clean. You can also feed your goldfish once a week with fresh food, such as live or frozen fish pellets or flakes.

Potential Diseases

Some of the most common diseases goldfish catch include Ich, fin rot, and gill disease. If you spot any signs of illness such as lethargy or swim bladder problems, be sure to treat them immediately. Fantail goldfish are especially prone to these afflictions, so you must take care of them accordingly.

Tank Maintenance

It is essential to keep your goldfish tank clean and well-maintained. Clean the gravel, plant roots, and water surface frequently with a soft cloth or sponge. Add a good quality water conditioner weekly to maintain the tank clean and fresh! Keep the aquarium clean by removing debris, fish waste, or uneaten food daily.

Fantail Goldfish: Species Overview

The fantail goldfish is famous among both beginner and experienced aquarists. These fish are known for their lively personalities and long life span. Ensure they have a large tank (at least 10 gallons), plenty of swimming space, and the correct diet to keep them healthy.

Behavior & Temperament

Fantail goldfish are very active fish that enjoy swimming and playing. They tend to get along well with other fish in the tank but may be aggressive towards other mammals or reptiles. In addition, these fish are prone to diseases such as swim bladder disease and plaice disease, so it’s essential to take care of them immediately by providing a good filtration system and feeding them a healthy diet.

Tank Mates

Goldfish are social fish that like to live in groups. They are compatible with other small, peaceful goldfish and can be kept together, provided they have plenty of space. In addition, fantail goldfish are not necessarily tolerant of other types of fish that they may prey on, so it’s essential to research the compatibility of your chosen tank mates before purchasing them.


Fantail goldfish is one of the most popular varieties, and for a good reason – they are extremely easy to breed. All you need is basic supplies and the ability to swim, and you’re ready to start breeding fantails. 

Providing adequate water conditions and avoiding exposure to cold temperatures in the wintertime is the most crucial step in goldfish breeding. Make sure to feed your fantails a high-quality diet with fresh vegetables and pellets. As a schooling fish, fantail goldfish needs plenty of space to swim and play. So, be sure to provide them with the appropriate environment, and they will be happy.

Water Quality for Freshwater Fish Like Fantail Goldfish

Fantail goldfish are delicate fish and need the right water quality to stay healthy. Make sure your goldfish stays warm and comfortable by adding aquarium heat in the winter. Avoid overfeeding as this can increase disease risk and poor growth rates. 

Keep water clean and clear – goldfish need a fresh, clean water source for optimum health. Goldfish require moderate levels of hardness to maintain their equilibrium. Additionally, they are susceptible to Ich and other water quality issues if it is too soft.

How to Setup Tank for Fantail Goldfish Care

Make sure to keep their tank water filled to the brim and add some plant life to their tank for variety and nutrients. Clean the gravel with a quick sweep every week or two, and adjust the pH levels as needed – this will help keep the water clean and the goldfish healthy. 

Lastly, be sure to provide them with food and water dishes that are big enough for them to swim in. Finally, add a small tank to their home so they can swim around and play.

How to Set Up Your Fish Tank for Fantail Goldfish

Setting up a fantail goldfish tank is a lot of work, but it’s well worth it. Not only will your goldfish live a long and happy life, but their tank will look beautiful too. So start by adding some gravel ornaments to add interest. Then, arrange the rocks and plants in the tank to create a natural environment. 

Make sure to clean their water regularly, change it every two days, and provide plenty of hiding places. Feed them twice a day – once in the morning and once at night – with a balanced diet designed specifically for fantail goldfish.