How to Stop Angelfish Bullying: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

Although angelfish are usually gentle fish, there have been reports of aggressive behavior among these aquarium fish. This behavior can include biting and chasing other angelfish, even to the point of injury. However, angelfish behavior can be pretty territorial, and they may act aggressively towards other angels if they feel threatened.

You can do a few things to help stop angelfish bullying: You can make sure your tank is large enough for them all, and there are plenty of plants and hiding places for them to get away from each other. You can also try setting up a system where the bullies have designated areas in the tank, and the non-bullies have less space. Finally, keep a close eye on your angelfish and intervene if they start behaving aggressively towards each other.

How to Stop Angelfish Aggression?

If you’re wondering how to stop the aggression, here are a few tips: First, try to keep the fish in different parts of the tank so they can’t get too close to each other. Secondly, angelfish are territorial and bite each other when they feel threatened or endangered. Thirdly, please give them lots of things to eat, so they don’t feel deprived and aggressive. And fourthly, be patient – angelfish usually get over their aggressive behavior within a few days.

Keeping your angels safe and healthy is essential, not only for their sake but also for your aquariums. Here are a few tips to help you keep them in good health to stop aggression:

  • Regularly clean their tank to prevent the build-up of algae and other toxins.
  • Feed them a varied diet to avoid any health problems down the line.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of aggression and do something about it if necessary.
  • When adding new angels to your aquarium, do not overcrowd them.

How to Reduce the Chances of Angelfish Bullying

The best way to reduce the chances of angelfish bullying is to prevent any new fish from being introduced into their territory. If an angelfish feels threatened, it may become aggressive and attack other fish in its territory. If you find your angelfish bullying other aquarium inhabitants, try talking to it calmly and trying to understand why it is behaving this way. Also, remember that angelfish are very territorial and will defend themselves if they feel threatened.

It is also essential to keep all new fish compatible with your angelfish. For instance, if one of the owners isn’t mature enough for it, you should avoid adding barbs, mollies, or larger angelfishes (such as Oscars) into your tank. When asking yourself this question, it’s essential that you first try and establish lines of communication with these species before introducing them into your aquarium.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Angelfish Bullying?

Food Scarcity

Most often, the angelfish are fighting for food or territory; whichever is being contested, they will defend it with all they’ve got. So it is crucial to set boundaries and understand the angelfish motives to keep everyone safe and prevent future fights. Knowing this will help us better understand their behavior and ensure everyone in the aquarium gets along peacefully.


Angelfish can be territorial and may bully other fish if they feel they’re being infringed upon to prevent this from happening. Always keep an eye on your aquarium and make necessary adjustments as needed to maintain a healthy environment for all of your fish. If you notice your angel behaving this way, take steps to address the issue before it becomes severe, for example, by separating the fish, adding more angels, or changing water conditions.


Additionally, try to understand if some kind of stress, illness, or injury is present. This can be a sign that you’re missing something essential in your aquarium and should highlight as such immediately.

Threats and Insecurities

The angelfish is an aggressive fish that can become aggressive when feeling threatened or insecure. If you come across this fish in a tank, it is best to avoid getting close to it and instead keep your distance. In addition, if you find yourself in the same tank with this fish, it is best to immediately change tanks or get a bigger tank as there may be enough aggression that they will hurt each other.

How Do Angelfish Bully Other Fish?

Angelfish typically live in areas with plenty of vegetation and hiding places, where they can escape predators or competitors. If the angelfish feels threatened, it will either retreat to a hiding place or attack. It is probably defending its territory if you see your angelfish attacking other fish. Be careful not to introduce any new fish into its environment – it may strike them too.

Is My Angelfish Bullying or Mating?

The angelfish courtship ritual involves aggression and displays of dominance by the male angelfish. These rituals can last for several hours, during which the male angelfish can become quite aggressive. If you see a male angelfish displaying any of these behaviors, it is best to stay away from him. In addition, if you’re keeping more than one male, try to keep them separated or at least out of sight. There could be a chance that the males would be aggressive enough towards each other such that a fight would ensue.