Most Expensive Aquarium Plants: 19 Fun Species to Choose From!

If you’re looking for some high-quality plants that will add a touch of luxury to your aquarium, you’ll need to invest in some of the most expensive aquarium plants around. The most costly aquarium plants require a lot of care and attention. These plants can cost anywhere from $20 to $60 per plant. Here are five of the most expensive aquarium plants and why they are so costly.

19 Most Expensive But “Worth-It” Plants!

Anubias Snow White

Anubias Snow White is one of the rarest and most expensive aquarium plants that can cost up to $30 per plant because this plant is often used in specialty aquariums.

Queen Moss

Queen moss (Hydropogonella gymnostoma) is the most expensive aquarium plant. This aquatic plant is tough to find and can cost up to $23. This perennial aquatic plant thrives in filtered water and regularly requires fertilization with a specific type of water-soluble fertilizer.

Anubias Panda White

Anubias Panda White is a rare and expensive aquarium plant growing to 15 centimeters in length and has long, slender, green leaves. The plant produces large, white flowers that fish often pollinate and can cost around $150 per rhizome.

Echinodorus Aflame

Echinodorus aflame is a costly aquarium plant. It can cost up to $13 per stem, and it can take up to a year for a new plant to grow into full size. This is because this plant grows slowly and needs lots of light, water, and fertilizer to survive.

Hygrophila Chai

The species of Hygrophila Chai is scarce and a costly aquarium plant because of the high quality of its leaves and flowers. The leaves are finely textured and have an intense green color, while the flower heads are large and brightly colored.

Anubias Chili Jalapeño

Anubias Chili Jalapeño is a unique and expensive aquarium plant. This plant grows in water with a temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius. The plant needs high light levels, moderate water flow, and good circulation to thrive.

Crepidomanes Calicut

Crepidomanes Calicut is an aquatic plant that is native to India. It is a delicate, brightly-colored plant that can grow up to three feet tall, and its leaves are shaped like an arrowhead. The Crepidomanes Calicut grows best in relatively warm water, and it requires regular fertilization to thrive. Because of its high price tag, Crepidomanes Calicut is considered one of the most expensive aquarium plants available.

Ludwigia Pantanal

Ludwigia Pantanal is a rare species of aquatic plant. It is one of the most expensive aquarium plants because it requires particular conditions, including high humidity and a warm temperature.

Bucephalandra Pink Martini

Bucephalandra Pink Martini, commonly known as the Pink Bucephalandra, is a cycad species. It is threatened by habitat loss. The leaves are ovate to elliptical with serrated margins. The flowers are white with a pink hue and are produced in clusters at the top of the tree. The fruit is a small nutlet covered in scales. The Pink Bucephalandra is an expensive aquarium plant that you can buy for approximately $60.

Needle Leaf Java Fern

This type of fern needs a lot of attention and care, so it’s not for everyone. It grows best in partial to full sunlight and should be kept between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Furtadoa sumatrensis

Furtadoa sumatrensis is a species of fern that can be found in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is one of the most expensive aquarium plants because it grows slowly and requires a lot of light and water to keep it healthy. The plant is also tricky to propagate, so only a few plants are typically grown in captivity.

Hymenophyllaceae hementus

Hementus species are small, delicate plants that require specialized care to thrive. They are best suited for planted tanks where they can grow submerged in water.

Bolbitis heteroclita

This plant is known for its striking white flowers and long, slender leaves. It is a graceful addition to any aquarium and makes a great centerpiece or focal point.

Blue Hypnea

These plants are known for their blue leaves and stems, and they make a beautiful addition to any aquarium.

Merman’s Shaving Brush

Merman’s Shaving Brush can be an expensive aquarium plant. This is because it is a rare and uncommon plant that requires a lot of attention and care. It is not easy to find in stores, so you will have to spend a bit of money if you want to add it to your aquarium. However, the benefits of owning this plant are worth it.

Alocasia gageana var. Aurea

It is a tropical plant that ranges in color from green to purple. Its distinguishing feature is its large, trumpet-shaped flowers. These flowers are often used in floral arrangements or as specimen plants.

Alocasia gageana var. Albo

Although Alocasia Gageana Albo is not the most common or widely available aquarium plant, it can be quite expensive when purchased in large quantities. This is likely due to its rarity and high demand from discriminating aquarists. This type of Alocasia grows slowly and typically takes several years to reach a mature size. Consequently, prices for large specimens can be very high.

Alocasia Dragon Scale

Alocasia Dragon scale is a trendy aquarium plant known for its large, colorful leaves and its ability to increase in warm water. The Alocasia Dragon scale can cost up to $30 per plant, making it one of the most expensive aquarium plants.

Rotala Florida Sunset

Rotala Florida Sunset is an expensive aquarium plant because it is a slow-growing plant that requires regular water changes. It can also be challenging to care for and may require specialized lighting or temperature conditions.