Rainbow Shark and Angelfish: Can You Keep Them Together?

Rainbow sharks and angelfish are different species of fish, so they may not be able to live together in the same environment. While these two fish species are both popular in the aquarium trade as they are colorful and easy to keep, rainbow sharks may target long-finned fish like angelfish, so it’s not wise to keep them together in the same aquarium.

The Problem With Keeping Rainbow Shark and Angelfish Together

While they are both popular fish species, their different habitats may not mix well. Rainbow sharks and angelfish are both highly territorial fish, so they can conflict with each other if housed in the same tank. In addition, rainbow sharks are known to eat smaller fish, which could potentially mean that the shark would eat an angelfish. So it’s essential to research the individual fish that you’re considering adding to your tank.

The Only Key to Housing Them Together

There is a potential conflict if rainbow sharks and angelfish are housed together, but they have been known to live in captivity together. If you’re considering adding one of these fish to your aquarium, it’s essential to research their compatibility before deciding.

So, while they may not always get along, rainbow sharks and angelfish can live together in captivity if the environment is set up correctly. They are both popular fish species, so finding a home for one or both shouldn’t be too difficult.

What Fish Can Live With Rainbow Sharks?

While rainbow sharks can be aggressive towards other fish, they are typically ok with others of their species. Some commonly recommended fish to live alongside a rainbow shark are barbs, loaches, rainbow fish, and danios.

Rainbow sharks are generally shy and peaceful fish, but they can be territorial when they feel threatened. Some recommended tank mates for a rainbow shark include:


Barbs are a common fish recommended for tank mates with rainbow sharks. They are small and peaceful, which should help avoid conflict or aggression. Additionally, they are known to eat smaller fish, so the rainbow shark will likely have plenty of food options in the aquarium.


Loaches are another commonly recommended fish for a rainbow shark tank. They are small and peaceful, making them a good choice for an aquarium with other smaller fish. Additionally, they can be fed commercially prepared food, which will help keep the cost down if you plan to keep one of these fish in your tank.

Rainbow Fish

A rainbowfish is a great beginner option when choosing a tank mate for your rainbow shark. They are active and interactive, so that they may be more than enough excitement for this shy species of fish.

Firstly, they need to be feed live foods such as tiny shrimp, crickets, or small worms. Secondly, they should not be kept with other large fish as they may accidentally eat them. Additionally, they don’t tend to eat much, so the shark won’t have to worry about competition for food.


Danios are an excellent choice for fish that need relatively small tanks. They also are one of the most popular fish choices for keeping sharks, providing they can handle being around other aquatic species.

Danios aren’t aggressive and will likely only prey on smaller creatures if needed. Additionally, they aren’t afraid of water temperature extremes, making them an ideal choice if you live in an area where the water can stay hot or cold during different seasons.


Rasboras are a good tank mate for rainbow sharks because they are small and peaceful. Additionally, they have lateral line organs that can detect movement in the water; this could be beneficial if you live in an area with a lot of fish activity. They are known to be good eaters, so they’ll provide the shark with plenty of food options.


Gouramis are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep a rainbow shark in their tank. They are peaceful fish and can be housed with other small aquarium fish without any issues. Additionally, they typically eat smaller fish, so the shark will likely have plenty of food options in its tank.


A pleco fish is a great tank mate for rainbow sharks because they are active, fast-moving fish that don’t tend to eat much. Additionally, they can be accommodating in cleaning your tank of debris and waste.

Lastly, they are relatively small, making them an ideal fish to live with a shark. Additionally, an algae scraper is an excellent idea if you are looking for a fish that can help keep your tank clean and free of debris.


A snail is a good tank mate for rainbow sharks because they are slow-moving and can help keep your tank clean. Additionally, if you live in an area with high levels of salt or chlorine, a snail can help to remove these pollutants from the water.

Finally, they are relatively small and easy to care for, making them an ideal choice if you don’t have a lot of space in your tank. So, whether you live in a hot or cold area, a rainbow shark and a snail can be great tank mates.

The Aquarium Enemies of Rainbow Sharks

Some fish that should be avoided when adding a rainbow shark to an existing aquarium are larger cichlids and aggressive fish. Additionally, they are not recommended to house sharks with other reef-dwelling invertebrates such as mollusks or corals.

Therefore, it’s essential to research the compatibility of any fish you consider adding before making a purchase. Also, remember that a rainbow shark’s diet includes a lot of meat, so ensure enough protein is available for the fish to feed on properly.