Rarest Betta Fish Colors Ever: The Must-Haves!

Bettas are some of the most popular fish kept in home aquariums. There are many different colors and types of bettas, but some of the rarest colors are black, blue, and purple.

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Orange Dalmatian

This is one of the most unique betta colors. Dalmatian bettas are typically very colorful, but sometimes they will develop an orange hue. It’s not as common as other colors, so if you’re looking for a rare color option, this may be the best choice for you!

The orange Dalmatian rare betta fish color is one of the rarest betta fish colors around. Dalmatian bettas are known for their intense orange color, and they are usually seen as very beautiful fish. However, there are very few orange Dalmatian bettas around, and they are usually very expensive.

In addition, because of their rarity, no true care sheets exist for these fish. orange Dalmatian bettas are carnivores that prefer feeding on other small fish or crustaceans.

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White bettas are a common color for bettas, but they can also develop a variety of other beautiful colors. Some white bettas will have light blue or green tones in their coloring, and this is considered to be one of the more unusual colors for a betta. If you’re looking for an unusual option that’s not typically seen in aquariums, white may be the best choice! This color is extremely rare and can only be found in a few select betta fish varieties. These fish are typically very expensive and difficult to find.

Half-moon betta fish


Green bettas are a beautiful option if you’re looking for a less common color. They can have different shades of green, ranging from light to dark green. Some people consider this color to be more attractive than other more common options, and it’s not as rare as some of the other colors mentioned here! This particular color is not always seen in the wild and is only found in a small number of fish farms.

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True Blue Dragon

True blue dragon bettas are a beautiful option if you’re looking for a flashy and rare color. These fish can have a bright blue body with violet or black markings, making them one of the most striking options around. However, true blue dragon bettas are not always easy to find – they tend to be quite expensive and limited in availability. If you’re interested in this particular color, it may be worth investing in an aquarium.

The true blue dragon is a rare betta fish color that is only found in a small area of Thailand. This color is very difficult to find and is usually only seen among the top five percent of betta fish populations.

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Pure Black

Pure black bettas are a beautiful option if you’re looking for a very dark color. These fish can have almost black scales, making them one of the most striking options around. They can also have bright red or pink markings on their fins and body, adding an extra level of visual interest. However, pure black bettas are not always easy to find – they tend to be quite rare and expensive. If you’re interested in this color, it may be worth investing in a good fish tank!

There is a rare black betta fish color that is very beautiful and interesting to look at. These fish have a very dark body with a bright, metallic sheen to their scales. They are usually found in isolated areas or in small, private collections, so they are not commonly seen by the public.

Crown tail betta is species in Thailand. Beautiful movement and colorful of Siamese fighting fish Thai national sign. Capture the moving of dragon betta splendens PlaKad isolated on black background.


Purple betta fish colors are incredibly rare and are only seen in a small number of fish populations. These fish have a deep purple color, with a yellow or gold tinge. They can be quite beautiful, and make for a wonderful addition to any aquarium.

These bettas have a dark purple body with bright orange eyes, cheeks, and fins. They possess an enchanting beauty that is all their own, making them one of the best fish color options around! However, they can be quite expensive due to rareness and scarcity – while this doesn’t make it impossible for you to find these colors in good fish tanks on your local pet store, it can mean that prices continue to rise if you’re interested in keeping them.

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There are several wild, rare, and color-variant betta fish around the world. One such fish is the Thai betta fish. This fish is known for its intense red and orange coloration, which makes it one of the most colorful betta fish around.

Thai betta fish colors are an incredibly rare variety that is not seen in most contemporary breeding programs or aquariums. However, there have been historic reports of these tropical fish being imported through Thailand and Vietnam, making them fairly popular among both collectors and enthusiasts alike. At first glance, the water quality may draw attention to Thai bettas with their vibrant colors, but it’s equally important to document all other aspects: including parasites!

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There is a rare albino betta fish color that is seen occasionally in the wild. These bettas are very rare, but can still be found. They often cost one or two times the price of regular fish due to their rarity and beauty! Generally speaking, albino fishes tend to exhibit “sunshine” patterns that may seem similar in some ways to normal rainbowfish – however, there is a world of difference between them. Gold/silver-colored scales; white tinged fins; darker pigmentation beneath the eyes and in the mouth, and dark blotches – these are all characteristics to look for when purchasing an albino. This coloration is caused by a lack of melanin in the fish’s skin and is very rare. Some hobbyists keep albino bettas as pets, but they are not common in the wild.

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The yellow rare betta fish color is one of the most unique and rare colors around. These fish are typically found in Southeast Asia and parts of South America. They are very hard to find and often command a high price on the market.

Yellow betta colors have been found in naturally occurring wild populations, but are very rare. It is worth noting that a recent genetic study has shown that yellow bettas are part of the same species as type A and Type B stocks (even though they appear different). While this knowledge may not seem to be relevant for those seeking color variation from their fish, it does show how closely related these three groups within the genus spp. are.

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Solid Orange

Solid orange is one of the rarest betta fish colors around. It’s not often that you see a betta fish with this color, and when you do, it’s usually a very special fish. Solid orange bettas are often very friendly and easy to handle, and they make great pets. There is not much known about the genetics behind this rare color, but it’s thought to be a mutation of some other common betta fish colors. It’s possible that solid orange bettas are born with a recessive gene for this color, or that it can randomly appear in captive populations over time. Either way, these fish are very special and deserve your attention if you’re ever fortunate enough to find one.