Will Angelfish Eat Neon Tetras: Reasons and Preventive Measures

Yes, angelfish can eat neon tetras. However, it will still depend on the angelfish’s size, diet, and other factors. Generally speaking, it’s safe to assume that smaller predators like angelfish can eat all fish and that larger fish may not consume small prey items. In addition, it’s always best to have some form of natural life-cycle control when keeping fish and other small animals as a hobbyist.

How to Prevent Angelfish From Eating Neon Tetras?

Angelfish are omnivorous and will eat just about anything, including neon tetras. One way to prevent angelfish from eating neon tetras is to provide them with a separate tank. If this isn’t an option, you can try keeping a distance of at least 1 foot between the two fish. So, for example, you can place some non-toxic barriers around your tank to keep the angels away from neon tetras.

You can also feed them their food and water containers or use mesh filters to keep both types of fish clean and healthy. In addition, keep an eye on your tank temperature and humidity levels, as both can affect how friendly the two fish are.

If you notice an angel eating a neon tetra, remove it immediately and replace it with another fish species or algae eater! To prevent this from happening, feed your angels only frozen foods or particular types of food they’re not typically provided in the wild. So, relax and enjoy your beautiful neon tetras in peace.

Is It Dangerous for Neon Tetras to Be With Angelfish?

Neon tetras are an exciting addition to any angelfish tank, but there are some risks involved with keeping them. If you do decide to keep these fish in an angelfish tank, be prepared to provide plenty of hiding spots for them. Make sure to add them slowly and watch for any signs of aggression before introducing them into your aquarium.

Overall, neon tetras are an excellent addition to any angelfish tank, but be aware of the risks involved and consult with an aquarium specialist before making the decision. Additionally, a new angelfish aquarium can be stressful for the fish and their angel if it’s been a long time since the tank has added anything.

How Can I Know If Neon Tetras Are Safe With Angelfish?

There is no sure way to know if neon tetras are safe in an angelfish tank, but observation is critical. If the angels do not seem to be interacting aggressively with the tetras, then they may be okay. If you see interactions that appear violent or destructive, it would probably be best to leave them out of your tank altogether. Finally, ensure you have an aquarium fish feeder in place, so an elfish doesn’t get to feed on the tetras. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use natural life cycle control on every pet fish and in the tank itself.

Why Are Angelfish and Neon Tetras Not Compatible in the Long Run?

When angelfish are kept with neon tetras, they may experience problems:

  1. The angels may start to dish out damage to their tank decorations and other fish.
  2. The angelfish may become territorial over the tetras and try to attack them.
  3. Neon tetras have enough energy to potentially eat some angel fish fry if placed in an aquarium with juveniles or small adults.

Additionally, because angels and neon tetras may compete within an angelfish tank, they might not be able to coexist as friends.

Social Behavior

Keeping angelfish and neon tetras together is not a good idea, as the angelfish will harass the neon tetras and drive them away from the tank. Moreover, angelfish get along well with other fish, but neon tetras do not – they will fight with each other for territory and food.

It would help if you do not keep different fish species, angelfish, and neon tetras together. If you already have an angelfish in your tank, it’s best to get rid of the neon tetra. In addition, you can keep angelfish with other fish, but placing them in a species tank is best because they may not coexist.


Regarding fish tank compatibility, angelfish and neon tetras are not best friends. If you have a mix of these two in your tank, getting rid of one or the other is recommended. The neon tetras will eat the angelfish, and the angelfish will make the neon tetras sick. So it is best to keep only one type of fish per tank – this way, you can be sure that all your fish are compatible.

So if you’re thinking about adding an angelfish to your aquarium, do your research and make sure they are compatible with other fish in the tank. In addition, if you already have a tank with other fish, it might be best to get rid of the neon tetras and let your angelfish freely swim around.

Dietary Needs

If you’re considering adding angelfish or neon tetras to your aquarium, it is essential to know that these fish cannot live in the same tank due to their different dietary needs. For example, angelfish require a diet of live and small fish, while neon tetras are carnivorous and require meaty foods such as shrimp.

Moreover, both angelfish and neon tetras need plenty of swimming space, a sandy substrate, and hiding spots to avoid being bullied by other fish. It is also essential to provide them with feeder fish, plants, and a water filter to keep their water clean and healthy.

Is It Better to Keep Neon Tetras From Angelfish?

While keeping angelfish and neon tetras in the same tank is not recommended, they can coexist if placed in a separate tank. If you choose to keep them together, monitor their swimming space and provide them with their respective diet and water conditions.

Generally, neon tetras are a great fish to keep as community fish. They’re active and social, making them fun to be around. But on the other hand, maintaining neon tetras as solitary fish can lead to territoriality, aggression, and poor health. So it’s best to experiment with different setups and see what works best for your tank of neon tetras. Remember that both options have benefits, so it all comes down to what you want from your fish!