Will Angelfish Eat Shrimp: Reasons and Prevention

Yes, angelfish will eat shrimp. In addition, they love worms, snails, and krill. They can also eat slipper lobster, octopus (mixed with garlic or cocktail sauce), crabs, starfish, or crab legs (steamed in conjunction with their meat). Angelfish are a popular aquarium fish species commonly found amongst many different types of marine aquaria. Due to this popularity, any owner would want their angelfish to be as healthy and nutritious as possible. Shrimp is a high-quality protein source that angelfish will enjoy consuming.

Why Do Angelfish Eat Shrimp?

Shrimp is a high-quality protein source that angelfish will enjoy consuming. Angelfish are omnivorous and will consume various types of food, including shrimp. Shrimp contains a good amount of essential nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and iron, which can benefit the angelfish’s overall health. Below is also the reason why they eat shrimp.

Angelfish Are Omnivores

Angelfish are omnivores, which means they will consume a variety of different types of food. Shrimp is one type of food that angelfish will enjoy consuming. Additionally, due to their omnivorous nature, angelfish are considered scavengers. This means that the fish will eat any food sources such as leftover leftovers, plants, or rotting matter to maintain and repair its teeth from wear and tear.

Size Differences

Angelfish are typically bigger than shrimp and can consume quickly. In addition, their dietary habit can provide the angelfish with nutrients they cannot acquire through a standard shrimp feed.

Bottom Dwellers

Angelfish forage at the bottom of the ocean or reef, where they find food sources. An angelfish were observed feeding at great depths over 1,500 feet below the surface in search of shrimp and other invertebrates. In addition, angelfish are known to consume shrimp as a food source during migration.

Are Angelfish Dangerous to Shrimp?

Angelfish are not always a danger to shrimp. Many people keep angelfish and shrimp in their aquariums together without complication. However, it is essential to note that there can be some aggression between the two species if they are kept near each other (approximately six inches). If you have concerns about maintaining angelfish and shrimp together in your aquarium, then discuss the matter with your aquarist before purchasing or adding any fish to your aquarium.

What Shrimps Can Angelfish Eat?

Angelfish will eat a variety of different types of shrimp. However, some more common shrimp that angelfish will consume include green tiger prawns, snowflake prawns, and cherry head prawns.

Babaulti Shrimp

Angelfish are not the only predators in the water that will consume Babaulti shrimp. Other predators such as mackerel, sharks, and rays can also eat Babaulti shrimp.

Blue Bolt Shrimp

Angelfish will also eat Blue Bolt shrimp. These cephalopods are a type of small crustacean found in coral gardens and near shore areas.

Blue Tiger Shrimp

Angelfish will also eat Blue Tiger shrimp. These shrimps are large shrimp that can grow to be two inches long.

Bumblebee Shrimp

Angelfish will also eat Bumblebee shrimp. These shrimps are typically found in shallow waters near the shoreline.

Crystal Red Shrimp

Angelfish will also eat Crystal Red shrimp. These shrimps are a type of small, brightly colored shrimp that is found near the bottom of most aquariums.

Panda Shrimp

While angelfish will eat various types of shrimp, they are particularly fond of Panda shrimp. These shrimps are known for their brightly colored fins and bodies.

What Else Do Angelfish Eat?

Angelfish are not solely limited to eating shrimp. They are also fond of consuming small fish, invertebrates, and algae. In addition, angelfish can consume live food, but it is best to feed your fish a diet supplemented with flake food and frozen or cooked shrimp. This will ensure that they are receiving proper nutrition as well as providing them with the vitamins and minerals that they need to flourish.

How to Keep Angelfish From Eating Shrimps?

If you are concerned about your angelfish eating the shrimp in your aquarium, there are a few things that you can do to try and prevent this. First, it is best to keep the fish population stable by only adding new members to your tank once they have settled in. This way, it will be more difficult for them to snatch up all the food with their rapid swimming habits. Another tactic you can use is keeping the shrimp enclosed in a small container. This way, the fish will not be able to access them and will likely stop trying to eat them all together.

Provide Separate Territories

Another way to discourage your angelfish from eating shrimp is to create unfamiliar territory by adding plants and rocks into their tank. This will make it more difficult for the fish to find food, and they may eventually stop trying altogether. In addition, if you notice that your angelfish is particularly fond of eating shrimp, it may be best to remove them from the tank and place them in a more suitable environment.

Don’t Starve Your Angelfish

If you feed your angelfish, a diet supplemented with flake food and frozen or cooked shrimp, they are less likely to try and eat the shrimp in their tank. Try to ensure that their diet consists primarily of freshwater, though salt can also harm fish. In addition, angelfish can extract essential nutrients from shrimp they may not get in their regular diet. So, even if your fish sneak a few shrimp here and there, it will likely not harm them.

Provide Hiding Spots

Another way to discourage your angelfish from eating shrimp is to create hiding places. You can do this by adding rocks to the tank, filling the tank with plants, or placing a piece of PVC pipe into the water column. In addition, putting Driftwood or PVC pipe into their tank will also keep them from being able to eat the shrimp. Finally, outline your aquarium with dark-colored vinyl tape, polycarbonate sheeting, carpet remnants, and similar materials that you may have around the house. This can help turn off the natural predatory instinct in your angelfish which is why they are likely trying to eat the shrimp in their home aquarium instead of any other fish or invertebrates in the tank.

Control Angelfish Population

This will make it more difficult for them to find food, and they may eventually stop trying altogether. In addition, adding more rather than less fish to your home aquarium is fine as long as you know precisely how many other types there are. So your angelfish should be with their species.