Will Dwarf Gourami Eat Shrimp: Tips and Tricks to Keep Them Together Successfully

Yes, dwarf gourami can consume some small shrimp, but it would be relatively small compared to the size of their regular diet. In addition, dwarf gourami eats live food in moderation, so shrimp would not be a part of their regular diet. 

How Do I Keep Dwarf Gouramis and Shrimp Together?

Dwarf gouramis and shrimp can peacefully coexist if you establish some rules. Make sure the dwarf gourami is never allowed to get too close to the shrimp and vice versa.

Feed both creatures their food items separately so they don’t become comfortable with each other and eventually fight. Additionally, monitor your pets closely to prevent any injuries from happening.

Large Tanks

Large tanks provide plenty of hiding places for shrimp, so they will not be harassed. Dwarf gouramis can get quite large, so it is essential to keep them in a tank that is large enough for their needs. Water changes are necessary every couple of weeks to ensure the fish and shrimp get the fresh water they need.


While dwarf gouramis and shrimp can peacefully coexist in a tank, adding decorations may help to keep them entertained. Purchase an aquarium grill or other floating obstacle the fish can hide underneath. Provide caves for the gourami to explore, and set up a water flow, so they have places to swim.


Adding plants to the tank can provide shrimp cover and a supplemental food source. Some dwarf gourami enjoys eating small aquatic plants, so adding some of them will help feed them. Moreover, plants can serve as a hiding place for the shrimp.

Variety of Food

Adding a variety of food to the tank will keep both fish and shrimp happy. This will help prevent boredom and aggression amongst them. Wet supplement pellets, freeze-dried bloodworms, or other types of food can be offered several times a day.

Additionally, adding a piece of meat or fish once a week can help feed the shrimp and the dwarf gourami. So, if you have dwarf gourami and shrimp in the same aquarium, provide enough food and privacy for them to coexist peacefully.

Which Shrimp Can I Keep With Dwarf Gourami?

The best shrimp to keep with dwarf gourami are those that are not small enough not to be intimidated by the fish. Generally, smaller shrimp are best kept away from larger fish, while those that enjoy swimming around may be fine with dwarf gourami.

Keep an eye on your pets during feeding time to make sure they don’t become injured by each other. Of course, always check with your pet store before purchasing any aquatic creature, as they may have specific recommendations.

Amano Shrimp

One type of shrimp that is often recommended as a good choice for keeping with dwarf gourami is the Amano shrimp. These tiny creatures are known to be peaceful even with a few predators, making them an ideal companion fish for those new to aquariums.

Ghost Shrimp

Ghost shrimp are another small shrimp often recommended for keeping with dwarf gourami. These creatures are known to be fast swimmers and can swim in tight spaces, making them an ideal choice for a tank with smaller fish.

Compatible Fish Species for Shrimps

A variety of fish can be kept with shrimp, depending on the type and size of shrimp you choose to keep. Smaller shrimp should be kept with smaller fish, while giant shrimp can be housed with larger ones without issue. Some common fish that enjoy captivity alongside dwarf gourami include cory catfish and cherry barbs.

Tricks to Save Shrimp From the Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf gourami is considered to be a nuisance fish in many aquariums. They can wreak havoc on shrimp populations by eating them alive, but you can use a few tricks to protect your shrimp from dwarf gourami.

Add Lots of Plants

Adding lots of plants to your aquarium is one way to keep dwarf gourami from eating shrimp and other small fish. In addition, the plants will provide shade and a place for the shrimp to hide.

Alternatively, you can put a screen over the tank so the dwarf gourami can’t see the fish through it. You could also place floating objects in the tank to make it harder for them to reach the food.

Feed Them Different Types of Food

Another way to protect your shrimp is by feeding dwarf gouramis different types of food. Providing various options can help ensure that the dwarf gourami doesn’t become hooked on one type of food, eventually feasting on shrimps if they get bored with their diet.

Feed Them Several Times a Day

It’s also essential to feed dwarf gourami several times a day. This way, they’ll have plenty of food options and won’t be able to get too hungry. Plus, this will help to prevent any conflicts with your shrimp. So, make feeding your dwarf gourami a part of your regular aquarium routine.

Spacious Area

Large tanks may be your best option if you can’t keep dwarf gourami away from your shrimp with other methods. In addition, large tanks provide more hiding places for your shrimp, making it harder for the dwarf gourami to get to them.

Big tanks provide plenty of hiding places for the fish, making it difficult for the dwarf gourami to reach the shrimp. Large tanks make it easy to feed the shrimp multiple times daily.

Aquarium Setup

Another way to protect your shrimp is by decorating your tank in a way that makes it difficult for the dwarf gourami to get to them. For example, you can use plants low to the ground or place rocks around the edge of the tank.

This will make it more difficult for them to reach food and water. Furthermore, these decorations can also create a natural barrier between the dwarf gourami and your shrimp.