Will Dwarf Gourami Eat Snails: How to Keep Them Together

Dwarf gouramis are bottom feeders, but they won’t usually consume snails. Snails are not part of their main diet even when they are relatively easy to feed and readily accept frozen or live food. If you have concerns about your dwarf gourami consuming snails, keeping them in an area free of the creatures is best.

Can Dwarf Gourami Live With Snails?

Yes, dwarf gouramis can live with snails. Keeping snails in a tank with dwarf gourami is common for fish keepers. However, before you make the decision, it’s essential to know if the gourami is compatible with snails.

Dwarf Gouramis Are Peaceful

Dwarf gourami is a peaceful freshwater fish that can be kept with snails if you provide them with enough food and space. Dwarf gourami is susceptible to parasites, so it is best to monitor them closely and treat any infections as soon as they occur.

Keep dwarf gourami in groups of at least four fish or more since they do better when there is plenty of social interaction. Additionally, ensure that the tank has a tight-fitting lid to ensure that your dwarf gourami doesn’t escape.

Top to Mid-Level Swimmers

The dwarf gourami is a top to mid-level swimmer that does best in a tank with at least 10 gallons. However, before you start, it is essential to ensure enough space for the fish and the snails – not too close together.

Moreover, it’s also essential to monitor the snail population to see how well they are getting along and adjust as needed. For example, they can be housed in community tanks but would do better if there were plenty of plants and rocks to hide behind.

Dwarf Gouramis Enjoy Floating Food

The dwarf gourami is a floating feeder fish, so they will enjoy pellets, flakes, or small feeds that sink to the bottom of their tank. You can also feed them vegetables like zucchini and cucumber slices. In addition, they should be fed high-quality food explicitly designed for tropical fish.

How to Keep Snails and Dwarf Gouramis Together?

You can keep dwarf gourami and snails together in a tank. However, before doing so, research the compatibility between the two fish species. Mystery snail food is high quality and should meet the nutritional needs of your dwarf gourami.

Ensure the water is full of fresh, clean water for both pets and that their food dishes are regularly cleaned. Be sure to provide plenty of toys, exercise areas, and exciting hiding places so the dwarf gourami doesn’t get bored.

Possible Reasons Why Dwarf Gouramis May Eat Snails

Lack of Proper Food

It is possible that the dwarf gourami is not getting the proper food, leading them to eat snails as an alternative. Ensure their diet includes pellets, flakes, or small feeds sink to the bottom of their tank and provide plenty of hiding places.

Feeding gourami snails can be a challenge for some people. However, patience and the right approach can eventually become a fun experience for all involved. Also, make sure the gourami has enough space and does not have to be confined to one area of its tank.

Dead Snails

Another possible reason why dwarf gourami may eat snails is if there are dead snails in their tank. Remove dead or decaying snail shells from the aquarium and provide fresh, clean water for pets and food dishes. In addition, it provides plenty of hiding places and good food.

If your dwarf gourami is still eating snails despite following these tips, it may be time to consult a veterinarian. However, there could be another underlying issue, such as malnutrition or an illness, that needs to be addressed.

Unhealthy Environment

It is possible that the environment in the aquarium is unhealthy and leads to problems for both pets and snails. Ensure all equipment, water elements, and substrate are clean and free of debris or chemicals. Also, check the temperature gauges to ensure it is within a safe range for both fish species.

In addition, it provides adequate light and shelter for fish and snails.

Best Ways to Keep Dwarf Gouramis and Snails Together

Healthy Diet

A healthy and varied diet is the best way to keep dwarf gouramis and snails together. Along with pellets, flakes, or small feeds meant for sinking to the bottom of their tanks, make sure to include vegetables in their diets. These can be steamed or baked into snacks and quickly eaten by pets and snails.

In addition, create a particular snail-safe area of the tank where they can live undisturbed.

Hiding Spots

Providing plenty of hiding spots is another key to keeping dwarf gouramis and snails happy. Along with providing them with food, decorations, and plants that provide cover, make sure to set up a small area where they can hide when they want without fear of being disturbed. This will encourage shy pets to become more vocal communicators and interact more with their tank mates.

Water Conditions

Water conditions play a significant role in the success of keeping dwarf gouramis and snails together. Make sure to maintain a stable, clean water condition for pets and food dishes. This will help to prevent any issues with toxicity or parasite buildup. Additionally, check the pH levels regularly and adjust them if they get too high or low.

Suitable Substrate

The substrate is one of the most critical factors in keeping dwarf gouramis and snails together. Ensure they have a substrate that’s both slippery and moist. This will help prevent injuries or fights between pets and their snail friends.

Control Dwarf Gourami Population

One final option is to control the population of dwarf gouramis in your tank. While removing all snails is unnecessary, if there are too many taking up space and food, it may be best to do so. Along with using a saltwater treatment, adding aquatic plants that compete for space can help reduce populations.