Top 8 Best Aquarium Stand Alternatives

Aquarium stands for sale are everywhere these days. They’re expensive, so many people opt to customizing and utilizing other household materials to serve as stand for their aquarium. In this article, we are going to share some great alternatives that you can use to get the same aquarium stand experience with a fraction of the cost.

Aquarium Stand Alternatives

Aquarium stands make it convenient to inject personality into your home’s interior decoration. Shaping up a prominent part of one’s house, they are gradually becoming an integral part of daily life for many people as well. With so many aquarium stands available in the market, what should you choose and why should you use alternatives?

1) Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are one of the best and affordable aquarium stands that you can use. They offer a variety of benefits including being eco-friendly, easy to assemble, reliable in terms of side stability and reliability when supporting heavy weight (like an entire fish tank), relatively lightweight at 10 lbs., number availability with varied shapes/sizes, and various accessories. However, you need to make sure that the cinder block supports the weight of the fish tank before using them in your home’s interior decoration for long-term use. Furthermore, basing on different models available out there with varying prices (depending on material from which they were made), these stands come in different durability rates.

2) Heavy Duty Wooden Pallets

If you cannot afford the price of an aquarium stand, aligning your fish tank to the wall may be a good option for now. However, what if you need more or are planning on upgrading in future? Using pallets is one cheaper and convenient alternative that can support most tanks. Since they were made with plant material (usually wood), they offer durability over many other materials like zinc alloy/ metal. Indeed, metal turns yellow (especially if it’s zinc alloy), which makes the tank stand look old and not very appealing to other decorators or homeowners.

While wood is durable and often considered as a better material to use in construction than plastic, you’re going to need something stronger if it will be supporting real water that doesn’t experience freezing temperatures on a daily basis. If the pallet stand meets all your wishes, you’ll be able to save yourself some money and undergo a design that is more aesthetically pleasing than the basic options of plastic aquarium stand while providing the same or similar functionality.

3) Plastic Aquarium Stand

This is the cheapest option you can find anywhere. They offer the bare essentials and basic functionality, so they may meet your needs as a temporary solution for now and in some cases, as long-term solutions too. If this sounds like something you’d want to use temporarily even if it doesn’t have many other considerations, there are lots of different models available in cheap shelving units from different companies in different colors, so you can find one that will suit either a combination of decoration and utility. However, the only problem with plastic aquarium stands is its durability over the long run. These may not stand from year to year or decade to decade as they usually come out of strong durable expandable polyethylene (PE) material which makes them brittle and easily punctured even by little fingers.

4) Galvanized Steel Aquarium Stand

The galvanized steel stands are strong enough for hanging on walls which enable them to provide long-lasting solutions without worries about cracking or warping over time. However, these come with other considerations. They are usually going to be quite heavy, especially when you want it for your larger fish tanks and special pieces that require extra support such as lighting kits or fans. Galvanized steel stands may not prove the most convenient option over budget solutions of aquarium stand if they can be stacked on a shelf but with the proper amount of space between them, probably one will never notice how bulky it is when everything is put inside. If this would ever be even a slight concern, you could go for adding a den that would house all of your aquarium equipment and just leave this stand outside as decoration.

5) Glass Bottle Aquarium Stand

This alternative is simple, beautiful and functional. It’s made by using a cylindrical glass bottle that has been cut in half down its vertical line to give it a flat bottom. It can be used as an aquarium stand for sale or décor accent piece either way the display function of this design will make your interior decoration appear even more spectacularly chic. The ability to provide stability and elegance to your home’s interior make it the best alternative aquarium stand on the market.

6) Clear Glass Aquarium Stand

Clear glass aquarium stands can be used as a piece of furniture or décor accent if assembled properly and effectively. They are also great for display purposes or they might even serve as an attractive decoration in residential pools, hotels and resorts since they provide stability but at the same time provide a sense of chicness with their glass form.

7) Colored Glass Aquarium Stand

This option comes in different color variants, thus making you differentiate one from the other and make it easier for consumers to find their preferred model; these glass aquarium stands are able to substitute alternatives or off-brand stands that were less expensive but didn’t offer good level of quality since they can be made of acrylics which are incapable of providing proper protection against scratches and bumps that might occur during normal usage.

8) Hanging Aquarium

If none of the options mentioned above work for you, then this idea can be your life saver. Desktop aquariums seem to be quite the trendy piece at this point, with some of the models that raise and hang from wall claiming never before seen designs and making them one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. Some are made out of wire mesh or metal, while others come in transparent acrylic panels in brilliant hues (depending on how you enjoy decorating). They can really be quite beautiful to have.

Hanging aquariums are also great for small spaces, since there is no need to commit on purchasing additional furniture in order to make them function (you can just place some wooden shelves along the walls). If you plan of removing this item mid-wears and travel, you probably want it lightweight because lighter cages tend not to break or bend over time but won’t weigh too much either.

Why Should You Use Aquarium Stand or an Alternative?

Aquarium stands are used for a number of reasons. Taking care of an aquarium is challenging and requires professionalism, money, time, and deals with the fishes you want to transfer such as adult goldfish for example. Aquarium stands for sale is an essential life saving product that should be in every household. They provide stability and a sense of elegance to your home’s interior decoration. They are also easy to assemble, allowing most hobbyists the convenience and flexibility they crave with ease – no professional help needed!

In addition, aquarium stands are used as a means of protection for aquariums. They help to reduce damages from normal usage such as bumps or scratches. You can also use it as a display stand that serves as an additional decoration for your home’s interior decoration.