Can Angelfish and Guppies Live Together: Do’s and Don’ts to Consider

No, angelfish and guppies can’t live together in a tank. The relatively large size of angelfish may intimidate guppies, who are generally more timid and smaller fish. Additionally, guppies tend to congregate in large groups, which could conflict with the solitary lifestyle of angels. Finally, angelfish prefer fresh water while most guppy habitats include saltwater components.

Keeping guppies and angelfish together can be risky, as these fish species are known to prey on one another. To prevent potential conflicts, it’s best to keep them isolated in separate aquariums. Alternatively, you can try to keep guppies and angelfish together if they are of the same size. However, monitor them closely and always keep a close eye on their behavior.

Why Should You Avoid Keeping Angelfish and Guppies Together?

Keeping guppies and angelfish together can lead to problems such as aggression, competition, and biting. It’s always good to be smart when keeping fish in your tank. So, if you’re thinking of adding these fish to your aquarium, do your research and make the intelligent choice for your fish tank.

Food Rivalry

Keeping guppies and angelfish together can often lead to conflicts as they feed on the same food. If you want to keep them apart, it is best to have separate tanks. Angelfish feed on small fish such as guppies or their eggs and fry, which results in conflict. In addition, angelfish are territorial and may attack guppies if they feel threatened. So, if you’re thinking of getting these fish species together, it might be best to give it a miss for now.

Different Species Requirements

Keeping guppies and angelfish together can be dangerous for both of them. Guppies live in cold water while angelfish live in warm water. So, if you keep them together, it is likely that one or both of them will die. 

Angelfish also live in different families of fish, which means that guppies and angelfish don’t get along because they are from other species and compete for the same resources. So if you want to keep guppies and angelfish together, put them in separate aquariums so they can both live comfortably.

Need for Sufficient Aquarium Space

It can be a bit of a dilemma for fish-lover to keep guppies and angelfish together – they need very different living conditions! Guppies and angelfish need a lot of space. While guppies love moving water, angels prefer still water. If guppies and angels are kept together, there is a good chance that their different needs will clash, leading to problems. For example, guppies like to live in groups, and angels don’t. This can make them incompatible as they compete for food and space.

Contrasting Suitable Tankmates

Keeping guppies and angelfish together is not a good idea, as they have different tank requirements. Guppies need mainly vegetable matter while angelfish eat small fish and invertebrates. 

Additionally, angelfish are fast swimmers and can easily escape from a guppy-infested tank. If you already have an angelfish tank, keep guppies or other small fish species separate from your angelfish tank. You can also buy compatible tank mates for your angelfish, such as corydoras catfish, mollies, or platies.

How Can You Keep Angelfish and Guppies Together?

It is best to keep guppies and angelfish separately in different tanks. For example, if you already have an angelfish tank, it may be best to buy compatible tank mates for your fish, such as corydoras catfish, mollies, or platies. In addition, you can keep guppies and angelfish in the same tank, but dividing them into different compartments will provide for their needs is best. You might even want to consider separating your fish by species for a more harmonious relationship.

But if none of these mentioned options work for you, here are some tips you can do that will help them survive each other’s presence.

Choose the Right Aquarium

As fish owners, we know that fish need plenty of space to swim and hide. This is why it is essential to choose the right tank size. More giant tanks provide more space and can accommodate more fish, while smaller tanks are better suited for fewer fish or ones that are delicate.

Provide a Filter

Choose a filter that suits your needs – high flow or mechanical? Make sure the water quality is good, and there is enough hiding space for your fish. And last but not least, keep an eye on the water temperature as fish don’t do well in warm water temperatures.

Set Up a Mutual Friendship

Regarding fish tank maintenance, it is essential to establish a mutual friendship between angels and guppies. Angels provide a sense of order, structure, and security, while guppies need to feel appreciated to stay happy and active. Mutual respect is vital in maintaining a healthy environment for the fish tank and keeping your fish healthy and happy. 

By setting up a mutual friendship between angels and guppies, you can create a healthy aquarium that will be home to many fish of all shapes and sizes.

Healthy Diet and Feeding

Keeping the fish tank clean is one of the crucial things you need to do to keep them healthy. For example, feed them a good diet that contains fresh, healthy food and enough protein and carbs for their size. Don’t overfeed them, as this will lead to obesity and sluggishness in your fish tank. In addition, to feed your fish, they also need to be fed wet food and natural salt water, such as ocean foods or algae treats. 

You can purchase these easily in any pet store or online. But if you do not have the money to buy all at once, try feeding them small amounts a few times a day throughout the week until they eventually get their complete diet from those products separately.