Can Gouramis Live With Bettas: Compatibility and Keeping Them Together

No, gouramis are predatory fish, and bettas are non-predatory water creatures. Gouramis would likely compete for food with the bettas and could potentially harm or kill them. In addition, gouramis are not as quickly socialized with other fish as bettas, so they may not get along well. 

So while it is possible to house gouramis with other fish, it’s not recommended because of the potential for conflict.

Reasons Why Gouramis Can’t Live With Bettas

If you’re considering getting gourami as a companion for your betta fish, think again. Gouramis are predatory fish, and bettas are predatory fish. This means that dwarf gouramis will not be able to coexist peacefully with bettas.

Not only will the two fish not get along, but dwarf gouramis will also attack bettas. If you already have gourami, keep it separate from your bettas. If you’re looking for a companion fish for your betta, consider a smaller one, like a cichlid or guppy.


Gouramis are territorial and will fight with bettas if they get too close. Gouramis require a lot of space to live comfortably, whereas bettas don’t need as much space. In addition, gouramis could grow to be much larger than bettas, meaning they would have trouble defending themselves if there was an actual conflict between the two species of fish.

Enemies of the Same Family

Surprisingly, gouramis and bettas are members of the same family, but it won’t work if they are kept together. While gouramis can coexist with other fish in a tank, it is not recommended to keep them with bettas as they will likely fight for food and territory. This means they have a lot in common – including their preferences for water temperature and swimming space.

So If you decide to house gourami with your betta, keep them separated at all times so they don’t have any interactions that could potentially lead to conflict or aggression.

Surface Dwellers

Gouramis like to live on or near the surface of the water. On the other hand, bettas prefer to live in deeper areas where they can hide and avoid predators. For example, if you have both gourami and bettas in your aquarium, one fish may live too close to the top of the water column and be at risk of being eaten by its fish friend.

Additionally, bettas may feel intimidated by a larger fish that hangs out near the surface of the water, leading to conflicts or avoidance.

Gouramis and Bettas Together: Few Tips to Make It Work

If you want to keep gouramis with bettas, keeping them separated inside a large tank is essential. Bettas are territorial fish, and if they get too close to the gouramis, they may get harassed or even attacked. Luckily, there are a few ways to do this without getting rid of either fish.

Aquarium Dividers

One option is to use aquarium dividers. You can also place them in individual tanks or use a filter system. So it’s essential to test out each method before you commit to it to be sure that everything is working smoothly.

Finally, be sure to provide dwarf gouramis with plenty of space, as they tend to be active fish that need plenty of swimming space. A divider will help keep them separated and settled down, preventing any arguments or fights from happening.

Get a Large Tank

If you’re looking to keep gouramis with bettas, getting them a large enough tank is essential. Bettas are territorial fish and may become aggressive if they feel their space is infringed on.

Additionally, gouramis can be pretty active and need plenty of swimming room. A 30-gallon aquarium is usually big enough for both fish species, but larger tanks are always better.

Add Plenty of Hiding Places

Providing your gourami with plenty of hiding places is essential for it to feel safe and secure. Gouramis need a place to hide when they’re not being watched, from under logs or rocks to the bottom of the aquarium.

They also don’t like water that’s too deep or turbulent, so ensure you provide them with areas where they can stay safely below those conditions.

To ensure their safety, provide them with separate enclosures where they will feel at ease – this way, you’ll be able to enjoy your gourami without feeling concerned about its well-being.

Keep Fish of the Same Size and Age

One of the biggest problems with mixing different fish species is that they can get aggressive. Keeping them all of the same size and age is essential to prevent any fights or altercations.

This way, you can be sure that there are no dominant personalities in your tank – everyone will simply be playing together harmoniously.

Keep a Spare Tank

Keeping a spare tank on hand in emergencies is always a good idea. This way, if one of your other fish species starts to get aggressive or out of control, you can quickly move them over to the spare tank and take care of them there.

Things to Keep in Mind When Introducing Gouramis to Betta Fish

Introducing a new fish into an aquarium can be a daunting task. Still, ensuring a harmonious relationship between the gourami and betta fish is worthwhile. Here are a few things to keep in mind when introducing gourami to a betta tank:

  • Provide plenty of hiding places for the gourami to feel safe and secure.
  • Monitor water conditions and adjust as needed. Bettas do best when they have clean, sanitized water with proper temperatures.
  • Gouramis are large fish and may intimidate your betta fish. Introduce them slowly.
  • Let the gourami swim around before adding it to the tank once everything goes well.

Additionally, suppose your betta fish displays any signs of aggression, such as chasing and nibbling at the gourami. In that case, it may be best to temporarily remove it from the aquarium or transfer it to a separate tank.