Can Hermit Crabs Climb Glass: Reasons and What to Do

Yes, they can, as they love climbing and hiding, but it’s not recommended because the crabs could get hurt. Hermit crabs are small, delicate creatures that can be tricky to take care of. But their lively antics and large, colorful shells make them worth the effort! 

Types of Surface That Hermit Crabs Can Climb On


Do you have a glass enclosure for your hermit crab? If so, it’s essential to ensure the wall is at least 3/8 inch thick or higher to keep them safe. Can hermit crabs climb walls? Well, the answer is a little bit ambiguous. Some sources say they can’t, while others say they can. The best thing to do is to provide a wide enough area to live in and see if they try to climb the wall. If they do, ensure the wall is at least 3/8 inch thick or higher.


Hermit crabs can climb plastic if they need to escape danger. If you notice any cracks or openings in the plastic barrier, provide your crab with a new home as soon as possible. Avoid leaving food or water on the surface of the plastic; this will encourage your crab to climb onto it and could lead to injury or even death. It’s essential to keep your hermit crab safe by providing a secure habitat in which to live.


Some hermit crabs are known to scale rocks and walls. You must provide a climbing area if you want your crab to enjoy its new home. Some tips on how to make sure your crab can safely climb rocks will be provided below.


Do hermit crabs climb trees? That question has been on many people’s minds, and the answer is a bit murky. Some believe that hermit crabs can climb trees, while others believe they cannot. If your crab can climb a tree, likely, it will do so. 

However, climbing a tree is not without its risks – hermit crabs might fall from high up and get injured. There are also dangers to having your crab climbing a tree – they may damage the tree or get trapped inside. So, while climbing a tree may be possible for some hermit crabs, it’s best to do so at your own risk!

Do Hermit Crabs Need to Climb?

The answer is no! Many wrongly believe this to be the case, but hermit crabs can live happily on glass surfaces without climbing. They can escape predators by climbing up walls or out of the water. If you keep your glass surfaces clean and unobstructed, your hermit crab will be delicate. So don’t be afraid to let them live their hermit crab lives in style!

Why Would Hermit Crabs Climb Glass?

There is still much mystery surrounding the climbing behavior of hermit crabs towards the glass, but some experts speculate that it may serve a purpose. Some possible reasons include hunting insects or accessing new areas inside their homes. 

Interestingly, it has been observed that some hermit crabs will also climb acrylic ornaments and even skylights. This climbing behavior could signify territoriality or communication, but more research is needed to understand why this is the case.

Finding Food

Hermit crabs are natural scavengers and eat just about anything they can find. If no food is available in their home, they may look for food in other aquarium areas or outside the tank. Crabs that can climb glass usually have a more likable personality too!

Escape Predators

Hermit crabs are amazing creatures and will love climbing on a glass wall in their tank! It provides abundant climbing space and helps keep them safe from predators. Providing enough climbing space is essential for keeping your crab healthy and happy – without it, they may become prey to fish or other crustaceans inside the aquarium.


Hermit crabs need shelter to survive – climbing up glass is the perfect solution! Most hermit crabs are found living on glass or other smooth surfaces, so it’s essential to ensure the area where your crab is hiding is dark and cool. If you don’t have any glass around your home, you can use containers or paper towel tubes as makeshift shelters. Hermit crabs also like to live in humid areas with high humidity.

Get Ready to Mate

As hermit crabs get ready to mate, providing them with the necessary conditions is essential. Ensure their tank or enclosure isn’t overcrowded and they have a climbing area to find mates easily. When mating, males will attach themselves to females with their claws and push through her carapace – this might be pretty violent! If you want to keep your hermit crabs indoors, ensure they have an appropriate enclosure where they can climb around safely.

Avoid Boredom

A change of scenery can help them relieve boredom and stay motivated. Enrich their lives by providing them with climbing surfaces they can explore. This could include anything from plastic bottles to pieces of furniture. Make sure they’re getting their daily calcium requirement as well!

How High Can Hermit Crabs Climb?

Most hermit crabs can climb up walls or windows, reaching 3 feet. While this might not sound too impressive, it’s enough to get them inside – or out of – trouble. Always be sure to observe your hermit crab when introducing them into a new home – if they show any signs of being scared or uncomfortable, remove them from the situation immediately! 

Some people have been known to keep hermit crabs on the countertop or other high places in their homes, but it’s not recommended as this could lead to injury or death. So, is hermit crab climbing glass possible? The answer is…maybe!

What Can Hermit Crabs Climb On?

They can cling to smooth surfaces like windowpanes. If you live in an area inhabited by hermit crabs, you must watch crab trails on your glass windows. This will let you know if a resident hermit crab is in your area. In addition to climbing areas, please provide them with a warm and humid environment. Certain types of glass can be climbed, so make your home hospitable for these little creatures!

Can Hermit Crabs Climb Out of an Aquarium?

Many people are curious about the possibility of hermit crabs climbing glass. While the answer to this question is still up for debate, hermit crabs can climb glass if they have access to a suitable surface. Instead, provide fresh water and food, and make sure not to overcrowd them. 

If your aquarium has no smooth surfaces, you may need to add some substrate or rocks to make it more appealing for the hermits. It’s also essential to provide them with a climbing structure and plenty of hiding places.

What Should I Do if I Find My Hermit Crabs Clinging to the Inside of a Glass Container?

If you find your hermit crabs clinging to the inside of a glass container, it’s best to remove them with a wet cloth. Make sure you never put any live food or plants into a glass container, as this may tempt your hermit crabs to stay there. Once they are removed, gently pour water over the top of the glass and release your hermit crabs onto dry land.