How to Hold a Hermit Crab: Handling Them With Care

Some people prefer to hold them horizontally, while others like to peer down vertically at them. However, the most important thing is that you take care when handling these little guys. Holding a hermit crab is a great way to connect with your pet and help relieve some of the crab’s stress. But handling them too much can cause them stress.

Gentle Reminders When Handling A Hermit Crab

Before you try to hold a hermit crab, ensure it is safe and comfortable for both of you. When picking up a hermit crab, orient it so that its back is against the glass or enclosure it’s inhabiting. Handling hermit crabs should be done with care to protect them from injury. If your crab does enjoy being held, hold them securely and give them plenty of love. Remember, hermit crabs need to feel secure to avoid conflict and thrive in their environment.

Always Wash Your Hand Before Handling Your Hermit Crab

Always wash your hands before handling them, no matter how small the task may seem. Also, remember to hold them with their front claws down – this is where they attach themselves to rocks and coral with their adhesive disks. Finally, avoid putting them in hot or cold water as they will not be able to tolerate these temperatures well.

Choose To Handle Your Hermit Crab When They Are Most Active

When handling hermit crabs, they must be aware of their activity cycle. This will help you choose the best time to handle them without endangering their safety or upsetting them. During these times, gentle handling techniques should be used not to startle or scare the crabs – especially when feeding. 

Move Slowly When Picking Your Hermit Crab

When choosing a hermit crab, it is essential to move slowly and handle it with caution. Do not grab its claws – they can sting if mishandled. Instead, gently place your hermit crab into a container or out of the water. Once in captivity, your hermit crab will need to rest undisturbed, so make sure the area you choose for him is quiet and dark enough.

Always Place Your Hermit Crab On A Stretched Out Palm

Helping your hermit crab live a happy life is easy – feed them daily and place them on a stretched-out palm. Though they might initially feel lost without their shell, eventually, they will get used to their new environment. In the meantime, please do not pick up your hermit crab by the claws; this can cause them harm.

Make Sure They Are Out of Their Shell

Ensure that the hermit crab is always taken out of its shell before handling it, so there are no accidents. If your hermit crab doesn’t want to come out and play, the best way to coax them is with a gentle tap on the head. However, suppose they do not respond positively or injure themselves. In that case, you may need to use harsher methods, such as using a soft cloth or getting an aquarium or terrarium ready for them.

Start at the Back

It is essential to remember a few things when handling hermit crabs: 

  • Do not handle them too roughly as this may cause injury. 
  • Please ensure they are out of the sun and kept calm during summer to avoid overheating. 
  • Please place them in a safe container with fresh water and food once you have collected them. 
  • When picking up a hermit crab, always start from the back and carefully pick it up with your hands.

Make Yourself Difficult to Pinch

Hermit crabs can easily be pinch-happy, so handling them with the utmost care is essential. If you accidentally touch one, they will likely try to escape – which is why it’s essential to keep hermit crabs enclosed. When picking up a hermit crab, use two hands and support its body with your palms. Never put your hand inside the crab’s shell – this could cause injuries.

Consider wearing gloves

When handling hermit crabs, wearing gloves is the safest way to ensure your safety and the crabs. By doing so, you’ll avoid any potential injuries that could be caused while handling the crustacean. Generally speaking, hermit crabs are delicate creatures and can easily get injured if not handled with care. Be sure to use gloves when picking up or to hold the crab – even for a brief moment – as this will help keep you from hurting it further.

Hermit Crabs Aggressiveness When Handled

Handling a hermit crab can be risky, as these creatures can be aggressive when threatened. If you are unsure whether or not your hermit crab recognizes you, it is best to leave them be. Some pet hermit crabs may recognize their owner, but others may not.

Do Pet Hermit Crabs Recognize Their Owner When Handled?

Yes, pet hermit crabs do recognize their owner when handled. If your crab does not recognize you, try holding him upside down or placing him in a container with some rocks on top! If your crab does not seem to like being held, it may be because he’s scared or uncomfortable. In this case, be patient and gentle with him and try again later. 

Hermit Crabs Affection When Handled Gently

No clear evidence suggests that hermit crabs show affection when handled gently. They may only do so if the owner happens to be a close relative or acquaintance of the crab’s original home. Nevertheless, taking care of these creatures is still essential as they can become quite territorial in captivity.