What Eats Freshwater Snails: How to Keep Snails From Pestering Your Aquarium

In some cases, fish will eat tiny freshwater snails, while larger ones can be eaten by larger animals such as reptiles or mammals. Some common fish that eat freshwater snails include gourami, betta, and catfish. When it comes to freshwater snails, the survival of the snail species depends on its environment and diet. 

Aquatic Creatures That Eat Snails

Clown Loach

A clown loach is an excellent option if you’re looking for an effective snail-eating fish. This fish typically costs around a few bucks and is available at most pet stores. It can be purchased as a single fish or in a tank set up with other fish. The clown loach is known to feed on freshwater snails aggressively, helping to control their population.


This fish effectively controls pests in your garden or pool, making it an excellent choice for people with kids. They eat aquatic and terrestrial snails, so they’re effective at controlling pests in aquatic and semi-terrestrial ecosystems.

Gourami is relatively easy to keep, add some fresh water twice daily, and you’re good to go!

Betta Fish

With the help of a betta fish, snails can be kept in check and prevented from doing any damage. Bettas are inexpensive and easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for those looking to add freshwater snails to their aquariums. 

These fish eat the snails, keeping them in check and preventing them from damaging your aquariums or plants. So, if you’re looking to keep freshwater snails under control, betta fish are the perfect option!

Striped Raphael Catfish

To get rid of snails in your aquarium, you can purchase striped raphael catfish online or at your local pet store. These fish are known to eat freshwater snails and are relatively easy to set up to catch such pests quickly. 

Many different catfish eat freshwater snails, so you’re sure to find the right one for your pond or water body. The barbels on these fish are specially adapted to extract food from snail shells, making them a valuable pest control tool. 

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to eliminate freshwater snails, try using snail traps or pellets.

How to Keep Freshwater Snails Out of Your Aquarium

Freshwater snails can be a nuisance to aquarium fish and plants. However there are a few ways to keep them out, but the most effective is using predator fish or aquatic dragonflies. 

If using predators isn’t feasible or desirable, you can try using snail traps or adding chemical repellents to the aquarium. If that’s not an option, you can try planting floating vegetation in the tank to attract snails and exclude them from the aquarium. 

Ultimately, it’s essential to know the snail’s habits and how to best deal with them to keep your aquarium healthy and snail-free!

Grow Tissue Culture Plants

Grow tissue culture plants by adding some food items that are avoided by snails, placing floating plants in the tank, and filling a part of the tank with gravel or rocks to make it harder for snails to climb. Install snail-proof glass if desired.

Sterilize Your Plants

It is important to sterilize your plants before adding any new fish or snails. By doing so, you avoid spreading snail diseases and ensure that your aquarium remains healthy and pest-free. 

Dispose of dead snails and fish immediately by putting them in the trash can. Clean the aquarium glass and fish tank with a robust bleach solution before adding new fish or snails. Ensure all your plants are sterilized by spraying them with an effective plant disinfectant spray.

Chemical Treatments

If you’re looking for an effective snail control method, there are few things better than using a trap. For example, garlic oil or slug pellets have been proven very successful in controlling snail populations- physically (by keeping them away) and killing off any infestations before they become big problems.

Keeping Freshwater Snail Population Under Control

Snails can be a nuisance for a variety of reasons. First, they can eat plant leaves and flowers, damaging plants. They can also be pests because they eat various things, including pet food and snail bait. They can also cause damage by burrowing in the soil or clogging fish feeders. 

If you’re noticing an increase in the population of freshwater snails around your property, there may be a reason for it. One of the ways to control the snail population is by taking steps to prevent problems down the line. 

For instance, if you have pets and live in an area where snails are common, ensure they don’t bring any snail food into the house. You can also use traps or barriers to keep snails under control.

In addition, if you want to discourage snail populations from growing, feed them fresh vegetables or fruits instead of fish pellets or feeders filled with fish meals.

Take Your Snail Predator Pick 

As mentioned, freshwater snails can be pesky pests that can cause a lot of damage in gardens and residential areas. However, there are many snail-eating predators out there that can take care of them. For example, you can try baiting traps with apple slices or chocolate bars to attract the predator of your choice. 

Once you’ve found a suitable predator, release it into the wild, where it will feast on freshwater snails! There are many types of predators that eat freshwater snails, so it’s essential to find one that suits your needs. 

Keep It Clean

Eliminating any food and water sources that the snails can use is one of the most effective ways to control them. For example, using a snail killer will kill all the snails in your area at once, making it easy to take care of them. 

Checking regularly for signs of snail activity indicates if they are present and need to be taken care of immediately. Appropriate actions may include using traps or pesticides to remove them permanently.

The Lettuce Leaf Trick

Keeping pets away from the garden is one way to avoid having them eat snails or slugs. Depending on the situation, there are various other ways of controlling these pests. 

You can use lettuce leaves as bait traps for snail control or make noise-based scare tactics. You can also purchase snail-killing products or set up physical barriers like fences to keep them out in the first place.

Pick Them Out

There are many ways of picking out snails – the most effective way depends on the situation. Traps, smokescreens, or bait stations can all be used to lure them in and then eliminated according to specific instructions. 

It is essential to check your property regularly for snails as they can cause a lot of damage by eating plants or damaging soil. If you catch any snail on your property, it’s best not to squash it as this might release toxins that will harm your plants and soil.