What To Do With Old Aquarium? Awesome Things You Can Do WIth It

It’s that time of the year again when we all remember that our aquariums are old and need to be replaced. If you want to get rid of them before you get a new one, here’s a guide on how to get the most out of your old aquarium. With a variety of options available for the size and type, it’s easy to get carried away with aquarium purchasing – but what is there to do with your old model? Take a look at these interesting alternatives.

Repurposing Your Old Aquarium for a New Mission

Maybe your old aquarium has been languishing under dust for an incredibly long time. It could have been packed away in the garage, or it may be lying on some dusty shelves in a closet somewhere not being used at all any more. Unfortunately, these discarded models aren’t exactly easy to recycle back into aquariums due to quality and safety concerns – though you can try using alternative solutions. A new project especially from Aquatic Impressions allows you to can do just that, transforming your old aquarium into a unique wood art piece. If the perfect decor isn’t enough reason for something so different than what other aquarium models are offering nowadays; there is also practical use in many cases.

Here’s a list of inspirations you can try with your aquarium:

1. Fish Tank Terrarium

There are many ways to grow your terrarium. This is not entirely necessary for fun, but terrariums can become quite beautiful and ornamental. By using a plastic aquarium, the method of terrarium gardening becomes more accessible than ever before!

A nicely made and decorated terrarium covered in moss could be an eye-catcher for your entire driveway, especially during Springtime when conditions are warm all year long. You can also add different types or colors of aquarium lighting to create attractive landscapes inside your hidden backyard garden! The lights really make such designs shine even better than their surroundings, making them ideal for interior garden terrariums.

2. Create a Fish Tank Coffee Table

The coffee table is a popular piece of furniture in most homes. Not only do it serve as an extra seating space but also serves the function of decorating the space too. You can use your old fish tank table to store papers, books and other items on this coffee table which will make things look special in your living room or home office. Additionally, you can use the tank as a piece of art to decorate your home.

3. Growing Herb Garden

The natural beauty of the aquarium is so tempting to people who wish to grow herb leaves or flowers. However, taking care of an organic garden inside your tank requires many regular maintenance which could be less than fun! Plants need lots of water and frequent change depending on their growth cycle; not only that, but it really makes growing anything in a glass container impossible. Therefore if you want to let the fairy land without fertilizers for some time ( more than a couple of months) you must obtain the right casing to avoid heating.

Moreover, if you have any miniature garden planter for aquarium with detailed illustrations on how it works then here’s your chance! Buy one today that makes planting easy and less time consuming in an upside down flower pot or classier bucket style container.

4. Aquaponics–Growing in Your Fish Tank

There is something fascinating about growing your own food in a fish tank. You can grow over forty different types of vegetables and flowers under the same conditions as they’d do it in soil, but you get to enjoy all its natural benefits without ever having to use any chemicals! The most common veggies grown using aquaponics include: lettuce, tomatoes (perlite and coconut fiber) cucumbers and melons. Try snipping off some herbs ahead of time; basil, rosemary or cilantro are best for this sort of setup. You can also grow peppermint in small containers individually placed on the surface above your narrow frame aquarium depth filters system sores. A mini aquaponics has its pitfalls, though–fish diseases have been known to shut down one’s plant-breeding venture before it gets off the ground!

5. Table Centre Piece

Dried plants and herbs can be used as decorative accessories at your dinner table. Not only do dried succulents look good, they work particularly well to bring some color and beauty to otherwise plain-looking tablescapes such as carved wooden bowls or clay plates. You don’t need a flat surface area in order to practice this art; most of them are small enough for placement inside a smaller vase (for example) for display. These colorful and decorative pieces also make nice gifts since you can wrap them up in packages with a lovely ribbon or by sticking them on some natural information cards which you can include inside the container before giving it away to your guests!

6. Selling Your Old Aquarium

Aquariums can be quite valuable, and many people put them away as soon as they purchase a new one. Before you do this though, check out your local aquarium shops (and/or online auction sites) for those that are up for grabs; these guys typically will not treat their used tanks with any sort of chemicals or added treatments since they’re usually needed to make the aquarium look good when on sale. At least there is someone out there who has an aquarium that needs to be sold, and it could or may already have bugs in it. You don’t want your old fish tank microbes contaminating the new one you aquaponics!